Goodbye Sunshine

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Sep 202013

If the weatherman is to be believed, yesterday was the last nice day we’re supposed to have here on the Oregon coast for a while. It’s supposed to start raining today and not stop until sometime the middle of next week.

Terry and I decided we had better take advantage of the blue sky while we could and headed for the beach during the afternoon. I needed to get some kite flying in and it was a perfect day for it. The wind was brisk and the Prism Snapshot 1.9 just couldn’t wait to get into the air. More than once I got dragged forward as it screamed across the sky, and after about an hour and a half my arms and shoulder muscles were letting me know they had had a serious workout.


Several people have said that they don’t see the attraction of this sport. I didn’t either until I tried it. But try hanging onto a set of lines connected to a kite doing in excess 75 miles per hour and you’ll know what I mean.

We got home just in time for a quick e-mail check and a potty stop, and then we picked up Rod and Sue Pezzano and drove to a very good Chinese restaurant called Great Wall, a couple of miles up the road in Gearhart. Kim and Lynda Moore followed us, and we spent the next couple of hours enjoying excellent food and great conversation. I had some of the best house fried rice I’ve had anywhere, Terry’s pork fried rice, pork chow mein and both fried pork and fried shrimp combo was outstanding, and the bill was very reasonable.

Today we have a couple of orders to send out, and then we’re going to tackle a job here at home. The drum stopped turning on our Splendide washer/dryer combo, though the motor runs. I assumed the belt had broken and called Westland Sales, the Splendide parts and service location near Portland. The tech I talked to there was sure that the belt wasn’t broken, but that it had jumped off the pulley. He said that in ten years, he has only replaced two belts. He assured me that once we get the unit out, it is a pretty simple fix.

So we will take the doors and face off the cabinet that holds the washer/dryer, pull it out, and see if we can fix it. We’ve had the unit out a couple of times before, when we replaced the pump last winter and I’m not looking forward to it.

Due to popular demand, a while back I formatted our popular Guide To Free Campgrounds & Overnight Parking Spots for Kindle and uploaded it to Amazon, and it has been selling very well. So this week I did the same with our Gypsy Journal’s Guide To RV Dump Stations, and it is now available on Kindle. Both will save you time and money on your next RV trip.

Thought For The Day – It’s important to have as much fun as possible while we’re here. It balances out those times when the minefield of life explodes – Jimmy Buffett – "A Pirate Looks at Fifty"

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  6 Responses to “Goodbye Sunshine”

  1. Wish you could get more of your book formatted for the Nook.

  2. How does the Kindle version differ from the PDF files I downloaded from you a couple of years ago? Is the data more up to date? Is the interface (how you access the data) any different than searching the PDF files? Is the presentation of the data the same?

  3. I flew my first stunt kite in 1988 on a football field in what at the time felt like gale force winds. The young man teaching me took it everywhere his dad was stationed with the NSA and he said it broke all the communication barriers between kids. About 15 years ago I bought my own and have no idea what kind it is but I sure have had fun with it and have helped countless numbers of people fly them and they in turn buy a kite and teach others. Looking forward to your new book!

  4. J.C. – I we are constantly updating all of our guides as new information come s to us. I usually tell people after three years it’s a good idea to get an updated version. Some locations change or are closed and new ones become available.

    The Kindle versions have all the latest data, as do the current PDFs, and you can load PDF files into a Kindle. But some folks find it easier to do searches with the Kindle format on their e-readers. It’s just one more way to make our products more accessible and to reach a wider audience.

    Din – Me too, but I find B&N very hard to work with in terms of formatting and uploading books to their program. And for every Nook book I sell, I sell 50 or more Kindle books.

  5. I definitely made a mistake going with the Nook. It’s great to use, but I have a problem getting the books that I want. It was just a case of the best deal at the time, and I’ve regretted it ever since.

  6. You’re not the first person to tell me that, Din. B&N waited too long to get into e-books and they still don’t have a real grasp of them. Last winter we were in one of their stores and I was eavesdropping on a lady asking a clerk about them, trying to decide whether or not to buy one. After her second or third question he couldn’t answer, he said, “I don’t know much about these. I read real books.” With employee involvement like that, how can they sell them in their stores?

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