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Sep 152013

If you’re tired of reading about kites, just skip to the bottom of today’s blog to see what Bad Nick has to say and then come back tomorrow. I’ll have something else to tell you about then.

There was a kite competition at the Turnaround in Seaside yesterday, so we went down to check out the action. Even though it was a cloudy day, there was a bunch of the huge static kites flying over the beach. Some of these giants are over 50 feet long!

Seaside kite festival

But we came to see the acrobatic kites, whose fliers were here to compete for points, just like NASCAR drivers do during the season. And though this event was a lot smaller than the Long Beach kite festival in Washington, there were some really impressive displays of skill going on.

This young man, whose first name is Travis and whose last name I didn’t get, has only been flying for two years, but he was amazing. There wasn’t an adult flier there with years of experience who didn’t respect his skill and dedication to his sport.

12 year old

We also got to meet one of the superstars of the sport kite world, John Barresi. What, you didn’t know there were superstars of kiting? You need to get out more. Barresi is a kite designer, competition flier, and the editor of Kitelife magazine. Just how good is he? Check out this You Tube video of him putting one of his kites through its paces. You’ll never think of kites as kid stuff again.

John Bsarresi

The sun came out and we hung around for a couple of hours, talking to John and husband and wife fliers Ray and Carol Bouchart, watching John give people instructions in kite flying, and just enjoying the day.

Berasi teaching

Just before we left John and some of the other fliers did a demonstration of formation flying with their Revolution 1.5 kites, and it was really impressive. Especially considering that they had never flown together before!

Formation fliers

Formation flying

Two revs

Miss Terry really, really wants one of these. And our friend Nancy Kissack, who we got hooked on a Prism Snapshot 1.4 a few days ago, just couldn’t resist. By the end of the day she went to the kite shop and bought one!

Formation flying 2

Later in the evening we met Dan and Patty Chance and Nancy for dinner at El Mariachi Loco. They’re heading out tomorrow and we have sure had a good time getting to know them better and hanging out together.

Of course, all of life can’t be flying kites and having fun with our friends. There are some people in this world whose idea of good times is ripping off the taxpayers. You can read about one of them in the newest Bad Nick blog, titled This Guy Needs Horsewhipped. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – On the journey through life there are many paths to choose. Unfortunately, too many choose the psychopath.

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