Sep 252013

Yesterday was a day for bad roads and big waves. Lots of both.

We left the Seaside RV Resort about 10:30, stopped for fuel, and then started south on U.S. Highway 101. It was 118 miles to the Elks lodge in Newport, but it was a slow 118 miles.

Part of the way was along the coast, which was stormy all the way.

Rough water

Cloudy coast

Then the route went inland and passed through logging country. Most of the way it was narrow and the road was challenging, with lots of dips and bumps. There were also sections that had been repaired, but were rough as a cob. I just poked along and pulled over to let traffic get past me whenever possible.

Narrow US 101

Wavey road

The bad weather didn’t stop the salmon fishermen from being out on one sheltered bay.

Fishing boats

It rained on us most of the way. Sometimes it was a sprinkle and other times it came down hard. We passed through several sleepy small towns, and eventually came to Lincoln City, which was much bigger and busier. Lincoln City is a kite flying mecca and there is a festival there in a couple of weeks, but we’ll be down the road by then.

We arrived at the Elks lodge in Newport just in time to snag the last RV site they had available. It took some finessing to get our 40 foot diesel pusher into our site, but we managed it.

Once we were parked and hooked up, we jumped in the Explorer and drove a few miles south to the Whaler’s Rest Leisure Time RV Resort, which is part of our Thousand Trails membership. Some people had told us the Verizon signal was terrible there and others have said it was okay in the northern section of the campground and we wanted to check for ourselves. We drove through the whole campground and were able to get a very weak one or two bar signal in a couple of spots, but it would disappear even without us moving. Between that and the fact that it is heavily treed and gloomy was enough to scratch that one off the list.

Next we drove back in the other direction to Depoe Bay, north of Newport. This small town is the home of the famous spouting horns. These are lava tubes that have been eroded by wave action and when the big waves hit them, they shoot geysers of water high into the air. We saw a few folks get wet when particularly big waves crashed ashore.

Big Waves 3

Breaking waves 2

Spouting horns 2

Spouting horns 3

Spouting horns


Not me, though. I had on my Frogg Toggs Toad Rage Jacket and was toasty warm! I love this jacket. It’s incredibly lightweight and I can roll it up in a ball and stash it in a corner in the back of the Explorer until needed, then drag it out and it still looks good. It’s waterproof and the sleeves and waist are adjustable to keep out drafts. This isn’t your grandpa’s windbreaker, baby!

Nick Depoe Bay 3

We spent a couple of hours watching the waves crashing in and being in awe of Mother Nature’s power.

Breaking waves 4

The folks in these condos had a heck of a view of the storm!

Condo breaking waves 2

Finally the rain and cold wind got to us and we called it a day and drove back to Newport. We’ll stay here a few days and then decide where to go next, either south along the coast or inland and hopefully into sunshine and warmer temperatures.

Meanwhile, Dog’s Runhas been climbing up the charts, hitting #26 in Amazon’s Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Mystery > Hard-Boiled category, and #2,998 of all books purchased on Amazon yesterday. Thank you all for your support. When you purchase a copy, leave a review, tell your friends about it, or share a Facebook post or Tweet you do me a huge honor and I appreciate every one of you.

Thought For The Day – In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress. – John Adams

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  7 Responses to “Bad Roads And Big Waves”

  1. Loved that area Terri you got some great pictures, when I was there the spouts were very calm. Would love to go back.

  2. Hi Nick. I googled RV blogs a few months ago and found you, I was doing research for our newest adventure. My husband recently retired from the fire department and we have decided to take a year (or so) off and travel the continent in an RV with our 6 year old daughter. We are only a month into the adventure so far but very much enjoying our new life. I just wanted to thank you for your blog, I enjoy the pictures and posts, I also take a look at the other blogs you listed on your site. I’ve started a blog too ( but wow, is it ever challenging to find time to update it! I appreciate the time you spend on your site so much more now! We are in Eastern Canada now about to embark on a Fall Colours tour of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. I’m just taking notes on your West Coast adventure, we will likely get there in the Spring.

  3. Nick, In a few weeks we will be leisurely heading down that same route you are now taking and appreciate your comments on Verizon reception and your evaluation of RV park conditions that you encounter. It will help us in planning our stops.

  4. what great pictures once again thanks for sharing them Nick, I am half way thru your new book, Mike had to force me to put it down around midnight to go to bed, cannot wait to get back to it. But had to read my morning newspaper your blog. Stay safe on your journey which ever way you go.

  5. We were one of those that made your book #27 yesterday. Ed read it already! It will take me a few days, but I’ll get to it. While you are in Newport, I would suggest a couple really good places to eat: Georgie’s and Local Ocean (213 SE Bay St.)
    Also they have a really good tour of the Rogue Brewery everyday at 3pm. Even tho you may not drink beer, (we don’t either) but the info is really interesting. Also our very good friend, Mickel Johnson, works there and if you could ask for him he would really give you a good tour. Just saying!!!

  6. We are presently at Rockaway, OR. You went right past us!!! But next week we are going a reverse of your trip for the last month or so. I am taking notes of all the places you visited, and we will go there too. Love your daily blogs!! And Terry’s pictures are fantastic. (I know you take some of them too!)

  7. If you go inland at Newport you will miss the best part of the Oregon coast! The southern section is the sunniest and warmer than the north half. Gold Beach is the sunniest city on the coast. So if you stay between Port Orford and Brookings, it is a little sun belt. I have been reading your blog and when you have been having rain, we do not here in PO. Small towns with not much shopping, etc. But lots of scenery! Supposed to be improving in the next week too. Just sayin.

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