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When I saw the above on a sign in front of a business yesterday, I knew exactly how they feel. It’s been cold, windy and rainy for days now, as it has been for much of our summer, and we’re getting very tired of the gloom.

Our original plan was to leave the Long Beach Thousand Trails on Tuesday and go to the Seaside (Oregon) Leisure Time Resort (which is part of our Thousand Trails membership) for two weeks, and then on to Whaler’s Rest Thousand Trails near Newport, Oregon for three weeks before continuing further south along the coast. But we’ve been reevaluating things and making some changes.

We’ll still go to Seaside for two weeks, and then we’ll look at the long range weather forecast. If it’s going to be more of this, we may go inland just to dry out and scrape a couple of layers of moss off the motorhome. One of the best things about the fulltime RV lifestyle is that if we’re not going to have fun, we can go someplace else instead.

I did cancel our reservations at Whaler’s Rest, because everybody I’ve talked to who has been there has told us that the Verizon service is even worse than here at Long Beach, if that’s possible. After three weeks of fighting to get online here, struggling to answer e-mail, and trying over and over again to get the blog posted every night, we’re tired of all that. We still want to spend a few days in Newport, but we’ll probably stay at the Elks lodge instead.

Somebody the other day said to relax, we can live for a week or two without the internet. Actually, no we can’t. A major part of our business is conducted online. When somebody places an order and they don’t get a response acknowledging their payment they get upset. And they darned sure don’t appreciate having to wait until we can find someplace to get online to send their e-books, digital subscription, or whatever. The book I’m currently working on is requiring a lot of research, and I’m constantly trying to log on to check a fact or confirm something. But when it takes 10 or 15 minutes just to get online it really slows me down. Yes, if we were not working RVers we could probably get by going to the clubhouse or driving into town to find a McDonald’s with WiFi to log on now and then. But that’s not the case.

On another subject, yesterday I had a telephone conversation with our friends Bob and Molly Pinner, who are the directors of the Escapees Club Escapade rally, and confirmed that we will be at Escapade May 12-17 next year in Goshen, Indiana, where I will be a featured speaker presenting some of my RV and travel seminars. We’re looking forward to the rally and to getting back to the Elkhart/Goshen area.

While I was talking to Bob and Molly, my pal Orv Hazelton called me, so I returned his call and caught up on everything he and his pretty wife Nancy are up to, including a visit to the Tiffin factory in Red Bay, Alabama for some major upgrades to their Phaeton.

Later in the evening Ed Hackenbruch came by for a visit and we solved 99% of the world’s problems, saving just a littler bit to prime the pump for next time.

Today and tomorrow Miss Terry will be leaving me to my own devices while she spends the day at the Astoria Fiber Arts Retail Store and Academy taking a weaving class. She’s leaving me lots of cold cuts and junk food so I won’t be tempted to cook my own lunch and burn the place down. You can never be too careful.

Thought For The Day – It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies. – Arthur Calwell

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  6 Responses to “Summertime, Please Come Back!”

  1. Why don’t you switch to Hughesnet? You spe.d a lot of time in one spot. Terry could set it up for you. lol

  2. You are so right about Whalers Rest, the WiFi system is really bad. We have only been there once and it was enough. The park and people running it were great. I still have the occasional nightmare of parking Mike five times yes five times in the cold and rain trying to get our big satellite to work finally after threatening divorce we stayed put in the fifth site. The only way we could get a connection was hiking to the restaurant to get it. I know just how you feel wet and cold to the bone. We spent six weeks between Oregon and Washington last summer to see the beautiful country side and visit with friends and it rain all but six day the entire stay,

  3. I would gladly trade you some of our weather. I am in the San Fernando Valley and it is already 96 degrees on my covered porch and it is only 10:45. I see weather reports of flooding in some areas of California but it is hot and dry here. For me anytime that the temperature gets up to the high 80’s it is hot as hell whether it is dry or humid heat.

    My Verizon service can be unpredictable. I think I may have already told you that moving my laptop to another area of my house seems to have dealt with the fact that it frequently disconnected.

    Have a good weekend and hunker down to avoid the last weekend of summer traffic and folks.

  4. Live without Internet for two weeks? Is he crazy? I could do without sewer for two weeks, probably water and maybe even electric – but don’t unplug my Internet!

  5. Glad to hear you’ll be at the Escapade in May, 2014. We hope to be there and it would be great to finally get to meet you after reading your blog for the last several years.

    Safe travels!

  6. Ha! You brought back memories! We were in the same cities you’ve been in lately, enduring weeks of identical damp, cold, windy, rainy weather. My husband coughed in his sleep all night, every night, while I stared at the ceiling and contemplated homicide. “I’m driving us out of here,” I told Steve, “and I’m not stopping until I see sunshine.” I didn’t stop until Mt. Shasta City, CA. 🙂 Sunny, dry, and that night — quiet, blissful sleep. So nice to be able to put ‘er in drive!

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