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Aug 092013

Yesterday was one of those rare days on the Washington coast where we actually had blue sky and sunshine for a little while, until the fog rolled back in. I’d have loved to get out for a walk on the beach but I had too much work to do on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal.

And I did get a lot done, knocking out six more pages. I have to upload it to our printer’s webserver Monday and if I keep at it that shouldn’t be a problem. While I was busy with that, Terry had more than enough to keep her occupied, proofing stories as I wrote them, working on a knitting project, and keeping the motorhome in one piece.

We did take a break for a couple of hours in the afternoon and to go to dinner in nearby Ocean Shores with longtime Gypsy Journal supporters Larry and Marlene Sazama. In all the years we’ve known them, including having them at several of our rallies, we’ve never had the opportunity to eat together. And we all know how much RVers love to eat!

Marlene’s sister and her husband, Linda and Jim Beauvais, joined us at the restaurant. They are a fun couple and we had a good time getting to know them. Jim is an accomplished artist who shares space at a local gallery on the main road in Ocean Shores named the Mermaid Cove Gallery. They brought us one of his beautiful miniature paintings that is no bigger than a deck of cards, including the frame. Perfect size for an RV! Thanks Jim and Linda!

I’ve never been a gear head, but I am ever grateful that I grew up in the glory days of the American muscle car, when gas was cheap and horsepower was king. Of course, the cars I drove back when I was a kid were just beaters. But as an adult, over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few really nice classic rides, including a number of old Mustangs, a couple of Corvettes, a 1957 Chevy, and some other fun stuff.

Unlike most of today’s automobiles, which all look and sound alike, those old cars had true character, and any young man worth his salt could tell the difference between a GTO and a Charger just by the sound of their exhaust pipes.

And even a klutz like me could do simple things like changing the oil and throwing in a new set of spark plugs. Well, I could once I leaned to only take one spark plug wire off at a time. But that’s a whole other story.

However, when it comes to the modern stuff, forget it. Three or four years ago I was driving our 2005 Ford Explorer back to our campground in Florida right after we bought it, and complained to Terry that it was incredibly hot. She said she didn’t notice, but it just seemed to get worse, even though it was a fairly cool day. Finally Terry got tired of my sniveling and noticed an icon on the dashboard and got the owner’s manual out of the glove box to see what it was. That’s when I learned that we had seat heaters!

Of course, my buddy Greg White had no sympathy for me when I told him about that. His response was “RTFM.” Huh? What’s that mean? Greg told me it stands for, “Read The Freaking Manual.” Yeah, right! Who does that?

Well, maybe I should, after all. Larry and Marlene also have an Explorer, and driving back to the campground after dinner last night, she mentioned that it was a seven passenger vehicle. I asked how we could possibly get seven people inside it, and she said by using the third row seats.

Third row seats? No, we don’t have anything like that. Marlene insisted we did, and once we got back to their motorhome we looked, and sure enough we do! They fold down flat into the back behind the regular rear seats and we never even knew they were there! Now, in our defense, the day we bought the Explorer we stopped at Lowes on the way home and bought heavy plastic floor liner and put it down in back to protect the carpeting, because that’s where we carry the newspapers. It’s never been out since, so we never even saw the folded down third row seats.

Still, I guess we’d have at least known they were there, if I would have R.T.F.M.!

Thought For The Day – Nobody ever choked to death swallowing their pride.

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  2 Responses to “R.T.F.M.”

  1. I just found out after two years my back seat will fold down flat, but you have to take the seat apart. I had to watch a you video to figure it out! This Is a Nissan Sentra we are talking about.

    My tire pressure gauge will light up and there is only one mechanic in town that can fill the tires and make the light go off. I have and my husband has tried numerous times to get this light to go off, we tip the mechanic we are so relieved!

  2. That is so funny.

    Gotta love those heated seats. Hubby (who has some back issues) uses them even when the temp outside is in 90’s and he has the A/C on full blast. Our 2011 F350 also has air conditioned seats. They sure do the job cooling down the leather fast. But not caring for a real cold booty the lowest setting is quite enough, thank you!

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