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On our last visit to this area we discovered a great place called Jack’s Country Store in Ocean Park, twelve miles up the Long Beach Peninsula, that really impressed us. So yesterday we went back for another visit.

Jack’s is like the old time general stores we have seen in the Amish communities of Indiana, and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where you can find anything and everything. They carry everything from antique Aladdin lamps to hardware, fishing gear, tools, and groceries.

Jacks Country Store

The aisles are narrow, and the shelves are piled high with things you probably haven’t seen in years. There were old time kids’ toys, handheld augers, fan belts hanging from the ceiling, and a hundred kinds of hard to find widgets and doodads that I have no idea what purpose they serve. If you need it, they probably have it, and even if you’re not looking for anything, you’ll probably find that, too.

We also wanted to check out a yarn shop several readers have recommended called Tapestry Rose, which is located in the back of the Full Circle Café. And what a selection they had for such a small place.

Yarn shop outside

In fact, Terry said that they had stuff like coned baby alpaca yarns, a huge selection of cotton and crochet knitting yarns, both synthetic and natural, sequined and other art yarn, and every kind of knitting needle or crochet hook you can think of that she has not been able to find in shops from coast to coast. They even had needle felting supplies, and an excellent selection of books. Terry said every time she thought she had seen it all, she found something new. Can you tell she liked the place?

Yarn shop

Yarn shop 2

Yarn shop 3

We spent some time visiting with Gary Smith, who owns the place with his wife Colleen, and he was a very nice fellow. He’s also a knitter and crochets, so he knows his products and inventory first hand.

I always enjoy getting to know the locals wherever we are traveling, and many times they give us tips on interesting places to see that the tourist brochures never mention. While we were talking to Gary, he mentioned the Door House, which was just a couple of blocks away. That’s right, a house made out of doors. Obviously we had to go see it!

The small cottage sits on a corner and sure enough, it’s made out of doors! The owner was standing out in front and we chatted with her for a moment. She told us the house as built in the early 1900s, and that the man who built it used doors from a Portland, Oregon hotel as building materials. How cool is that?

Door house side 2

Door house front

Door house side

While we were at Tapestry Rose, we also learned about a 92 year old gentleman who makes socks on an antique circular sock machine similar to the one Terry has, and that he would be at a craft bazaar in Long Beach today. So guess what we’ll be doing? Terry is hoping she can pick up a trick or two, since she still has not managed to find enough time to master hers.

Thought For The Day – Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.

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  7 Responses to “Jack’s, Yarn, And A Door House”

  1. Wow! Love the yarn shop. Do they have a web site?

  2. You spin a great yarn, Nick. I think you’ve found the doorways to heaven too.

  3. The house made of doors is interesting. You mention Lancaster County. Pa in this post and we have a barn/ shed made of garage doors. Just south of Quarryville is an Amish man that sells a lot of 2nd in garage doors. Has a neighbor that built a whole building of them.. Doesn’t look all that bad either.

  4. Want to know: How does Terry find room to store her yarn stash? I’d need a trailer!

  5. I ask myself that all the time, Claire. But she says I really didn’t need six sets of underwear anyway and I’ll admit that the yarn is much prettier in that drawer than my tighty whities were.

  6. Cheryl, yes they have a website. Just click on their name in this story, it’s a link that will take you there.

  7. You always have such diverse and interesting posts…something for everyone!! Hubby enjoys hearing what all you are doing too!! Sure nicer being in cooler parts huh?? We are still in Lynnwood area….enjoying ourselves.

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