I Blame Barbara

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Aug 282013

Thanks to everyone who left comments or e-mailed me about our problems with Google  AdSense in yesterday’s blog. For whatever reason, about mid-morning the ads returned and eventually I got an e-mail from Google thanking me for correcting the issues that led to getting suspended. No problem, I don’t know what you think was wrong or what makes it better now, but I’m glad things are back to normal. Or at least whatever passes for normal around here. Smile 

Like I need one more thing to keep me away from the keyboard, last week I flew a dual line Prism Snapshot 1.9 speed foil kite at the kite festival here in Long Beach, Washington. What a trip! I’m not a small guy, but it about pulled me off my feet a time or two in the 20 mile per hour winds. I resisted for two days, but I finally gave in and logged onto Amazon and ordered one, and it arrived on Monday. I bet when my pal Dennis Hill sees the color he’ll want one too!

Snapshot 1.9

I blame Barbara Westerfield for this. When she and hubby Tom were here for the kite festival last week, I specifically told her to talk me out of buying a kite, and she failed miserably. So don’t blame me. It’s not my fault I’m weak and have no willpower.

Since we’ve been busy getting the new issue of the paper ready to mail out, I have not had a chance to try it out yet, and now it looks like we’ll have rain the next few days. I’m hoping for a break in the weather to get out and fly.

I’ve criticized the post office many times in this blog because we have had our share of frustrations with them over the years. But we owe a huge thank you to Kelli Gray, the postmaster at the tiny Seaview, Washington post office near the Thousand Trails campground.

We have not been able to find a commercial mail service in this area, which means we have to send out the papers by First Class mail that normally go out under the much less expensive Standard Rate. And since the internet service is so bad here, I could not get Stamps.com to work. This meant we needed to purchase stamps and stick four of them on each envelope to make the $1.52 postage combination, along with a mailing label.

Seaview is a tiny post office and not set up to accommodate the amount of mail we have to send out, and I was sure they didn’t have enough stamps for us, so we stopped in to see if they could order the stamps and to give her a heads up about our mailing. Kelli said no problem, she’d order them and call us when they came in. But by the time we drove the mile back to the campground Kelli was calling to suggest that instead of messing with stamps, we should just put the address labels on the envelopes and bring them in and she would run them all through the meter. What a Herculean task for a small one person post office! We sure appreciate it, Kelli. I wish the rest of the U.S. Postal Service was as customer oriented. It would sure make our job easier!

Thought For The Day – The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it.

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  8 Responses to “I Blame Barbara”

  1. yaaa. . .thanks for giving the PO a pat on the back. . .there are lots and lots of hard working folks there. ..but the lazy, incompetent ones gives us all a bad name. . .

    have lots of fun with your new toy. . .

  2. I spent 30 plus years dealing with the post office in my small business and I learned from experience that the bigger the city the more attitude I would get from postal clerks and the smaller the town the nicer and more competent were the postal clerks.
    Chicago has the absolute most arrogant postal clerks on the face of the planet. One of my worst experiences was with the huge Chicago main post office where I took a sample bulk rate mailing in to get approval. The guy who looked at my sample reached for a huge book of regulations and told me I could not include inside of the envelope we were using anything brochures with a “live indicia” on it. He explained that a live indicia was the actual imprint of our bulk rate mailing permit. I asked why? He became indignant and said that if one of our larger envelopes became torn open in processing that the smaller brochures with the live indicia would then have to be handled and sent to a dead letter office. I responded that it seemed to me that the post office wanted to punish us for a possible mistake they they might make. So then he gave me a stern lecture on my not having the right attitude. That took place at least 35 years ago and is something I never forgot.

  3. Nick, it may have changed but years ago the smaller post office locations were contract stations and they were always judged by the dollar volume of stamps sold. If that is still the case, this office got a nice bump in “sales” by running your mail through their meter…

    If you are ever in this situation again, aim for the smaller PO locations

  4. I doubt if Dennis will want one. If that kite about pulled you off your feet, Dennis would be in the air with the kite. LOL Love reading your blog every day. Thanks.

  5. That kite is as big as some of the parachutes you may have had in Nam when you were in shape other than round. and I know round is a shape.

  6. Thank you for restoring my faith in USPS employees. This post came at the perfect time, since I was convinced yesterday that we had the “dumbest mail carrier in history”. He left the outgoing mail in the box (and the flag up) and threw the incoming mail in with it. He (I say “he” because I witnessed a male carrier leaving the flag up before after taking the outgoing mail and am sure that it is the same one) has done this once at least once before, but usually the incoming was packages, so I just told myself that he didn’t see the outgoing mail after he put the packages on top. Unfortunately, we (a business) have three or four regular drivers, not counting substitutes, so I cannot ask the local PO if they train their drivers. 🙂

    I used to be a big advocate of the USPS, but more and more often I see reasons they are struggling. It is good to read that there are still some “good ones” out there.

  7. Now Nick, you know I told you to give me your wallet and all your credit cards so I can assume no blame. I do expect to have flying privileges, however. (giggle)

  8. Do you know how many women in my life have demanded my wallet and credit cards, Barbara?

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