Et Tu, Terry?

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Aug 262013

Yesterday was the last day of the kite festival, and a little after noon we went to town and walked out on the beach to get one last look at all of the fun.

There were a lot of kites flying, though not as many as on previous days, since it was Sunday and a lot of folks needed to get back home and get ready to go back to work today. There were several of these giant circle kites, which were at least 30 feet tall.


Could this be a Bad Nick kite? Do you see a family resemblance?

Bad Nick kite


Though things were winding down, it was probably the best day for us. From the first time we saw teams flying them in precision groups, or individuals dancing across the sky with them in time to music, Terry and I were both impressed with the Revolution kites.


Kites in formation 6

They are truly multi-directional in the hands of a skilled flier, able to fly forward, backward, sideways, and even stopping on a dime to hover nearly motionless in mid-air. Once the kite is in the air, all it takes are small movements of the wrists to make it change directions, turn, or hover.

Rev flying

Rev flying left

Rev flying right

Rev flying upside down

These are quad line kites, which means that the flier controls the kite with two handles, and each handle has two separate lines.

Hand controls

We have found that most serious kite people are eager to share their hobby. I started talking to a wonderful lady named Colleen Baker, who came all the way to the Washington coast from Wisconsin for the kite festival, and she asked if I wanted to try flying her Revolution. It took me about a nanosecond to say yes!

Colleen stood behind me and in no time at all I was able launch the kite and make a few basic maneuvers. Of course I crashed it a lot, but Colleen said that’s all a part of the learning process.

Colleen with Nick 2

After I had my chance, Colleen invited Terry to give it a try, and as she does in almost everything, after a quick training session and some pointers from Colleen, she quickly left me in the dust!

Colleen with Terry

If you can see the smile on her face in this picture, you know she’s hooked, too!

Terry flying

Thanks for giving us so much of your time and teaching us so much, Colleen!

I was surprised by how many RVers have told me they’re also into kite flying since I’ve been writing about the kite festival in the blog this past week. In fact, a lot of them follow the circuit of kite festivals, just as there are RVing bluegrass music fans, RVing square dancers, and racing fans who follow their own circuits.

But it makes sense; you can fly just about anywhere you can find an open field, playground, or beach; compared to a lot of hobbies, it costs a lot less to get into; and once you do, there are no green fees to pay, no gasoline to buy, and no special licenses or permits required. And unless you get it hung up in a tree or something, a good quality kite will last years with just minimal care. And spending an hour or two flying a sport kite or a power foil is a heck of a workout! Try it, you might like it.

Thought For The Day – I just rolled my eyes so hard I saw my brain!

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  11 Responses to “Et Tu, Terry?”

  1. Nick I have really enjoyed your series about the kite festival. We have attended and flown there many times, as well as at South Padre Island in the winter. Betty and I are full time RV’ers and have been flying kites for over 15 years. Between us we have a dozen or so kites, including three Revolutions, five smaller dual line sport kites that are highly controllable and amazingly fast, and a couple of single line delta style like the one you have (which are great for introducing grandkids to the sport). The only problem with single line kites is that once you get it up there, there’s not much to do but look at it. That gets dull pretty soon. The sport kites and Revs will test your skills, keep you learning, and a good workout to boot! My son-in-law works a sedentary desk job and not getting much exercise. He tried one of our dual line sport kites and fell in love with it and now has three. We got him a Rev for his birthday in February. He has been flying three times a week for just over a year now and has dropped over 20 pounds. He says it’s a lot more fun than going to the gym! Warning though, one kite is never enough! They last forever if you take care of them. The only one I have ever destroyed was my first Rev, which I made the mistake of trying to fly in Quartzsite four years ago. Everything out there is sharp and cut it to pieces. I hope we have the chance to meet one of these days. We’ll go flying together.

  2. We have REALLY been enjoying all the posts about kites too. Thanks.

    I clicked on your bad Nick book cover figuring it was a new Kindle book. I guess Ill have to wait, but will be looking for that one 🙂

  3. Thank you for bringing us into the kite world. I’d never heard of those circle ones. My enire knowledge had been regular kites and box kites…this is a whole new world. I can see why they’d be popular with RV’ers, they don’t take up a ton of space and are lightweight and can be flown almost anywhere. Pete and I will have to look into this hobby as it may be easier for him to go fly a kite than his small remote helicopters since those require an almost windless condition.

  4. wow. ..what a fabulous, joyful day!

  5. So happy you ran into Colleen *Jynx* as we call her! She is one of THE best fliers out there, and also the most gracious about sharing what we all love. My son Connor and I also were introduced the same way as you, with a lesson on a Revolution kite at WSIKF( Washington State International Kite Festival). Now that you are hooked, please let us know where you are hanging out, and we will connect you with local Revolution Kite fliers who can give you a hand when you get yours! Welcome to the family!
    Dare to Dream…
    Amy and Connor Doran

  6. thanks for a great series on Kite Flying, it was nice of you to share your excitement of a Kite Festival.Terry’s pictures were awesome as usual. Since we plan to be on the West Coast next summer visiting out oldest grandson and son maybe we will make a point to be in Washington to see this event.

  7. A great way to spend some time outdoors.Thanks for the time spent researching this hobby.I know it must have been very tiring.

  8. Candace, the Bad Nick Book is available in both Kindle on Amazon and Nook!

  9. We are RVing kiters too. Glad you are giving our sport some coverage. Get a Rev and you are going to be hooked for sure. They are incredibly easy to fly and incredibly challenging to master.

  10. Been flying kites from coast to coast for years now. There’s always a place to launch and fly. I have transitioned through sport kites and Revs to a Snapshot speed foil. It gives me a great aerobic workout.

  11. Us too. We are not full timers but spend 6-8 months traveling in our RV every year. We got into kites a few years ago and they are addictive. We have flown all over Florida, Texas and Alabama which are our 3 favorite winter hangouts. Have never been to a festival but after seeing your posts this week we can’t wait to go to one. Join the American Kite Assoc before you start buying kites because you get a discount at all kite shops with it which will repay the membership in no time at all. WARNING:Once you start flying you will find it hard not to want 10 or 15 or more. They’re like Lays potato chips. You can’t have just one!!!!

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