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Our RV site is close enough to the beach that we can hear the sound of the surf. Well, we could if it was warm enough to have the windows or the door open. But it’s not. It’s been chilly and the sky has been gloomy since we arrived, and the forecast for the next few days is more of the same.

Not that we’re going to let that keep us from having fun. The path to the beach is a little over ¼ mile long.

Path to beach

Along the way this sculpture marks the path. It comes in handy when you’re on the beach and looking for the right path back to the campground.


Even on a gray day, it’s fun to walk along the beach. And it was mostly deserted, which was nice.


This fisherman wasn’t going to let a little bit of foul weather keep him from having fun. Seeing him in those shorts made me even colder!


The birds didn’t seem to mind the weather at all.


Flying birds 2

Flying birds 3

We even saw a heron!


You can drive a car on parts of the beach in Washington state. But I darn sure wouldn’t bring our Winnebago out on the sand! I hope this fellow got out all right. Years ago we saw a diesel pusher buried in the sand near here, and the tide was coming in fast. Try explaining that to your insurance company!

Motorhome on beach

The Olympic Peninsula is prime bigfoot country and there have been many sightings over the years. We even saw a couple ourselves. Who knew bigfoot was a surfer dude?

Bigfoot surfer 2

Bigfoot surfer

Many years ago I lived in Ocean Shores, about five miles south of our campground. It was a small place back then, but it’s grown up a lot over the years. We looked and looked for my old A frame, but the place has changed so much that I was totally lost. There are new streets where there were no streets before, and hundreds of cottages, houses, and condos. This may have been my old place, but I couldn’t say for sure.

A frame 2

Even with all the changes, Ocean Shores still has a large population of deer. They are everywhere you look and have no fear of people at all. This buck stood in the middle of the road and seemed to wonder what we were doing pointing a camera at him.

Buck 2

Just a few feet further down the road we came upon this doe and her twin fawns.


Fawn on road


You can work up an appetite being a beach bum, so we stopped at Bennett’s Fish Shack for dinner. The place had 101 reviews on Yelp, with a 4 out of 5 star rating. Now we know why. I had the fish and chips with clam strips, which were delicious, and Terry had crab cakes, which had big pieces of crab and very little filler. And the service was excellent. This gets added to our Favorite Restaurants guide and we’ll definitely be going back before we leave the area.

Fish and chips

Crab cakes

Back at the campground, I decided that a full tummy and a gloomy day deserved a nap, so I took one. Today we may run into Aberdeen to do some banking and check out the town where I got my start in the newspaper business a lifetime ago.

Thought For The Day – They say that love is more important than money, but have you ever tried to pay your bills with a hug?

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  10 Responses to “Beach Bums And Bigfoot”

  1. On a reply to the” Thought for the day”. Yes, I can pay a lot of bills with my grandchildren that way.

  2. The “beach sculpture” is a very creative use of junk. Nick, tell us more about your newspaper start in Aberdeen.

  3. once again Terry has taken awesome pictures along with your telling of the areas thanks. As for the RV if the sand is packed and he watches the tide he should be fine, We know a lot of folks that camp down at Padre Island in TX. We would never do it we are to much of a coward to risk our home by misreading the tide,

  4. Nick, the last 5 posts show as being posted between 3:02 am and 3:48 am. Are you posting them at that time in your time zone or is it showing on my computer 3 hours later because I’m on EDT? Just curious.

  5. I’ll bet that fisherman on the beach was a Canadian. They laugh at us wimpy Americans who have to bundle up when the temperature drops below 60 and the wind blows.

    The gorgeous photographs and descriptive comments in today’s blog took me right there with you. Nick and Terry, you do excellent work. Is there a way to publish a book of photographs on Amazon?

  6. Jim, I try to post the blog at midnight local time, but the timer on the laptop I use to do it is set to Eastern time and I’ve never gotten around to changing it.

    Jodie, Yes there are way to publish photo books on Amazon but they seldom sell enough to justify the time it takes to create them.

  7. George, back in the late 1970s I moved to Grays Harbor and needed a way to support my family, so I started a weekly penny saver type publication, which became very popular and soon morphed into a weekly newspaper. Then I opened a second paper in Centraila/Chehalis, and within three years (at age 30) I had seven weekly papers from Grays Harbor (Aberdeen) down the coast to Coos Bay, Oregon.

  8. Wow Nick, sounds like you’ve been successful all your life! That very cool.

  9. Oh, I’ve had plenty of failures along the way, Judy. I just never allowed them to defeat me and I picked up the pieces and started over again.

  10. We love Bennett’s and had lunch today at he one in Grayland. Sure is gray here but we love how quiet it is and that the beach is never crowded.

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