A Play Day

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Aug 132013

After I talked to our printer back in Allegan, Michigan yesterday and confirmed that they had received the files for the new issue of the Gypsy Journal and things looked good, Terry and I decided we deserved a play day.

We left the campground about noon and drove a few miles north to the tiny resort town of Moclips, enjoying the dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean along the way. It was a sunny day here in Ocean City for a change, except for some fog way offshore and some high clouds. But the further north we drove the more it began to close in.

Of course, Terry was busy with her Canon SX40 digital camera, taking advantage of the nice day and the awesome views, like this one.

Framed beach picture

I can’t remember if this used to be a cedar shake mill or a cannery back when I lived in this part of the world years ago.

Old cannery 2

If you like forests, mountains, and the beach, all in one, you would love the Washington coast. It’s a rugged landscape and the forests are home to bear, elk, deer, cougar, and some claim, Sasquatch, as well. I spent a lot of time wandering around in the back country around here and saw the first three. And I know people who will swear to you they have seen Bigfoot. And they weren’t the typical kooks some might expect.


Most of the coastline is public access in Washington. We stopped several places along the way to enjoy the water and the sound of the surf. The beaches this far north are not usually crowded, but there were some folks out enjoying the day.

Holding hands on beach

There were even a few folks flying kites.


You can drive on most beaches in the state, and though I wouldn’t want to bring my Winnebago out there, we saw RVs parked on the beach in several places.

Fiver on beach

Old Winnie on beach 2

There is no camping on the beach, but it might be nice to just take a nap as you listen to the surf and seagulls singing their songs.

Truck camper on beach

I guess if this motorhome got stuck they could saddle up and ride for help.

RV and horses

Riding a bicycle on the hard packed sand isn’t too hard, but I have enough trouble just walking in the loose stuff!

Bike rider on beach 2

While we were at the beach, the production manger at our printer called to say they had gone over the new issue’s files and they looked good, so when we got home about 6 p.m. I sent out the link to the new issue to our digital subscribers. Early feedback was very good, which is always nice to hear.

Our time is up here at the Oceana RV Resort and today we’ll drive about 95 miles south down winding U.S. Highway 101 to the Long Beach Thousand Trails preserve. We like the laid back Long Beach peninsula, though I imagine it will be a bit hectic during the World Kite Festival the 19th through the 25th. We’re hoping the weather will cooperate so we can see some of the action.

Unfortunately, the Verizon service is very bad in Long Beach, so getting online to check e-mail and post the blog is going to be a real challenge for the three weeks we’re going to be there. It’s just one of the challenges of running a business on the road. Unfortunately, not every RV site in the country is a level pull-through with 50 amp full hookups with a perfect view of the sky for my rooftop satellite TV dish and great 4G internet service. And if it was, you can bet your butt there’d be people with little yappy dogs parked on both sides of us!

Thought For The Day – Lord, where do you find them? And why do you keep sending them to me?

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  4 Responses to “A Play Day”

  1. Remember that a trip to the Long Beach Peninsula is never complete if you don’t stop at Jack’s Country Store in Ocean Park.

  2. Earlier this summer we found proof that Bigfoot is real! There is a Bigfoot cemetery on the Wisconsin/Illinois border just north of Harvard Ill. Who knew that they have been hiding in plain sight in the midwest!!!!

  3. I wish you would stop talking about the Washington coast. From the tip to down here in Brookings, OR is my favorite part of this country. I’m selfish – I don’t want it any more crowded. Let’s keep it our secret! OK?

  4. Beautiful pictures once again Terry, after looking at nothing but corn fields and soy beans for the last 354 miles coming up from Minnesota to where we have stopped in Mitchell at a PA Park for the night it was a nice relief thanks. Travel safe going down the coast since it is a bit tricky at times.

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