Time To Move On

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Jul 302013

We’ve enjoyed our week here at the Escapees Evergreen Co-op, but it’s time to move on. I always worry that if I stay in one place too long they’ll find me and take me back to the home.

We spent yesterday doing what we love best in this area, wandering around Port Townsend’s historic waterfront. I never get bored in this old town, where history seems to call out from every doorway. Several of the buildings have old advertising signs painted on the sides. I call these ghost signs because they seem like ghostly reminders of the past.

Boiler Room

Rose Theater sign

Holly Flowers sign

Among other things, Port Townsend is famous for its wooden boats. The town is the home to the largest Wooden Boat Festival in North America. The festival will be held September 6-8 this year.


Water Street is lined with interesting shops, bookstores, and cafes, but there is a lot more to find just off the beaten path. On one back street we found Bergstrom’s Antique and Classic Autos. Where was this place back when I had a house and a four car garage full of classic cars? They had a bunch of neat old cars for sale, as well as a huge collection of parts, accessories, and owners and repair manuals.

Bergstroms sign

I fell in love with this beautiful 1964½ Mustang convertible, which is all original except for a new paint job. Over the years I have had a bunch of old Mustangs, from hulks to show cars, but I’ve never owned a Mustang convertible. Miss Terry said if I wrote a whole bunch more books and they all sold as good as Big Lake I could have one. Hey, a guy’s got a right to dream, doesn’t he?

Mustang convertible

Our friend Jan White loves moose. So when I saw these guys in front of another shop I had to take their picture.

Moose 1

Moose 2

Back home, Terry made a delicious dinner of herb fried snapper and parmesan pesto linguini. It was outstanding and my taste buds may never settle back down.

While she was doing that, I let Bad Nick have the keyboard for a while and he posted a new Bad Nick Blog titled Dead Is Dead. Check it out and leave a comment.

Today we are driving about 140 miles to the Oceana Leisure Time Resort in Ocean City, Washington. This is kind of old home week for me, since I got my start in the newspaper business there in Grays Harbor County a lifetime ago. I’m looking forward to getting back to see how my old stomping grounds has changed over the years.

I’m not sure what kind of internet access we’ll have there. Here at the Escapees park in Chimacum, it has ranged from very fast 4G service to absolutely nothing at all, and seems to change by the minute. Hopefully at Oceana we’ll at least have enough to get the blog posted and check e-mail.

Thought For The Day – Don’t you wish closed minds came with closed mouths to match?

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  1. Some 30 years ago we lived for 2 years in Grays Harbor county too…only one problem for us…all that rain made our kids have really bad asthma (well, the mold was the culprit). But it is one of the prettiest spots around I think!!

  2. A great area for the summer. We want togoback but now in Fl and it is quite a distance. For now looking at DC and a final visit to the wall for husband.

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