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Jul 172013

In spite of our best efforts to reform and sleep in like normal night owls do, we had a relapse and were up at 7 a.m. yesterday. Please don’t think we’re bad people, we’re ashamed of ourselves already.

But it was okay, since we wanted to get on the road to Bremerton before the day got too late. As it was, we pulled out of the Vancouver Elks lodge a little before 10 a.m. and headed north on Interstate 205, which soon merged with I-5. It was a perfect day for traveling in an RV and the highway passed through some beautiful country. I’d forgotten how green it is up in this part of the country.

I5 northbound

Since the Vancouver Elks RV sites are water and electric only, and we’d have the same accommodation in Bremerton, we stopped at a rest area to use their RV dump station. Both Washington and Oregon seem to have a lot of dump stations available for the RVing public.

After a fuel stop that turned out to be much longer than expected because there was a construction zone at the bottom of the off-ramp and we had to wait for a pilot car that apparently had to come from San Antonio, we finally were led ¼ mile to a truck stop. After filling the Winnebago’s thirsty tank, at $4.09 a gallon, we had to wait while the pilot car made a lap through Anchorage and made its return to lead us ¼ mile back to the highway on-ramp.

Terry is always looking for things to photograph and she spotted these interesting roadside sculptures just in time to get a quick shot as we rolled past.

Roadside sculpture

The rest of the trip was uneventful and we made good time to Tacoma, where we crossed the Tacoma Narrows Bridge onto the Kitsap Peninsula. Normally I snivel on high bridges, but this one is three lanes wide and traffic was light, so I was able to stay in the center lane and rolled right across without a whimper.

Tacoma Narrows bridge

Tacoma Narrows bridge lanes

Before long we were coming into Bremerton past the Naval Shipyard, where a couple of mothballed aircraft carriers stood hulking alongside the highway.

Aircraft carrier

We arrived at the Bremerton Elks lodge, where we have stayed several times before, and got parked and settled in. And then we tripped the circuit breaker. We shut down everything essential inside the motorhome, put the refrigerator on propane, turned the battery charger off, and then we tripped the circuit breaker again. And again.

Bremerton Elks 2013

Well, that sucks. We can live quite easily on 30 amps, and even get by on 20 amps when necessary. We were on 30 amps in Vancouver with no problems, and we’ve been on 30 amps here before with no trouble. Fortunately, the campground isn’t very busy, so we moved to the next site, plugged in, and all was good with the world again. It was in the upper 80s yesterday, but today is supposed to be a bit cooler, which I will appreciate.

By then we were both hungry; and pizza seemed to be in order. Yelp recommended The Toad House as having he best pizza in Bremerton, and it was only a little over a mile away, so we decided to check it out. The restaurant is famous for their huge selection of beer, both in the bottle and on tap. Since I don’t drink, that didn’t matter to me, just bring on the pizza. Usually Yelp reviews are spot on, but if this was the best pizza in town, I’ll pick up a DiGiorno at Safeway next time around. Not that it was bad, it just wasn’t anything to get excited about.

Toad House Beer

Today we probably won’t do much, since the last few days have been pretty busy. I want to get some writing done, Miss Terry has some paperwork to get caught up on, and who knows, a nap might even be in order.

Thought For The Day – I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day. – Frank Sinatra

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  2 Responses to “On To Bremerton”

  1. Welcome to Bremerton, Folks. I have been following your blogs since MCI days and have gained a lot of valuable information, Thanks also for the Gypsy Journal which I pass on to other folks except for the ones of special interest which I keep. There’s more to our country than I will ever see so I value your experience and expertise. I love the bits of history that goes along with the stories.

  2. It’s good to be back, Donna. We always like visiting this area.

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