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Jul 152013

One of the best things about the RV lifestyle is the opportunity it affords us to visit with so many different kinds of people. Over the years we have connected with long lost relatives, old high school friends, and Army buddies from a lifetime ago. We’ve also been able to make lots of new friends along the way.

Yesterday I got to meet one of those new friends, a lovely young woman named Traci Tyne Hilton, the author of the great Mitzy Neuhaus mystery series. We met in an online authors group and have been internet pals for a while now, and when Traci heard we were going to be in Vancouver she said it would be fun to get together.

Since this is her hometown, I told her to pick a time and place, which was at a pizza parlor yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately, when we arrived we discovered the restaurant was closed, so Traci led us down the street a couple of blocks to another favorite place of hers which specializes in crepes, lattes, and foo-foo drinks, your standard girlie food. So I started out expecting a pepperoni pizza and ended up with a turkey and gouda on buckwheat crepe, washed down with a strawberry yogurt smoothie. Hey, if you’re going to get in touch with your feminine side, go all the way, right?

But it was worth it because Traci and her husband Daniel are wonderful people and we spent a delightful couple of hours with them, sharing stories and laughs. Daniel is a mandolin playing funeral director with a great sense of humor. He’s the tall guy on the right. Really tall. Maybe it’s due to all of that girlie food Traci makes him eat.

Traci Meet

On another note, I always find it interesting the lengths companies will take to spam you. I moderate all comments on my blogs and the other day I got one from a fellow telling me about an insurance company that was running some great promo for RVers. I checked his e-mail and he works for the advertising agency that represents the company. Well duh! Guess who’s now in our permanent spam file?

I mentioned a few days ago that my first mystery, Big Lake, is now live on, Amazon and in the iTunes Store. Yesterday I got a wonderful comment on the audiobook from Mac McCoy that I just have to share with you: “Nick, I got your audiobook on my phone and I love it. I do all my reading on audiobooks. I have read nearly all the famous mystery authors, and my brother you’re now my #1 mystery author. I’m not done yet, but your book is one of the BEST I’ve listened to. NEED, WANT and DEMAND more, more, more. Thanks my friend for doing this GREAT audiobook.” Thanks, Mac!

This afternoon Terry and I are having dinner with Bruce Miles, who narrated the book and has agreed to do the next book in the series, Big Lake Lynching. Hopefully production will start in a few days.

Thought For The Day – The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

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  1. Glad your enjoying the portland area .. Lived there my whole life and always glad to return when we’ve been away. Sometimes when you live in a area it’s easy to forget the wonders at your own back door 😉 Currently we are vacationing in the Diamond lake /Crater lake area.
    Please keep the audible books coming ! I downloaded it at 6am the first day it was available. I’m a truck driver and “read” all my books that way. I got through the first few chapters that am and finished it the next night ( I work /drive from midnight until 11am 5 days a week and love audible) . Your book was great and I can’t wait to hear the next !

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