Escapade Day One

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Jul 012013

Yesterday was the first day of the Escapade RV rally and a short but busy vending day for us. The Market area opened at 9 a.m., but we were there a few minutes early to get things laid out on our table.

Here is Miss Terry, ready to greet customers and take care of business.

Terry vendor booth

It’s been our experience at RV rallies that most people don’t buy much from the vendors the first day or two. They’re busy checking things out and mulling over their purchases, and then the last day or two they start making purchases. But yesterday they were lining up to buy our camping guides, 7-in-1 CDs, subscriptions, and books.

A while back I got both the Square credit card device and the PayPal version to process credit card orders, and have tested and used both on my Droid Razr Maxx smartphone in the past. But yesterday neither one would work. In fact, I ran the first customer’s card and the PayPal reader said the transaction was successful, but as she walked away an error message came up saying to repeat the transaction. By then the customer was gone in the crowd, so we lost $14.45 on that sale.

I can process credit card sales by manually typing in the card info, but I can’t get a good swipe on either device. Of course, Greg White came by and had no problem running a couple of cards for me. Go figure.

While I was trying to process one of the cards and having a problem, Terry got distracted and forgot to get a customer’s e-mail address for her digital subscription. Barbara Gay, if you are reading this, please come by the booth and give us your e-mail address. Or, if you know Barbara, please ask her to see us.

At 1 p.m. I attended a meeting for seminar speakers, to go over the room layouts and audiovisual equipment. I’ve presented more seminars at RV rallies and events than I can count, so it was pretty routine stuff, but every venue is different and it’s always good to have a quick review before you get up there in front of an audience.

The Market area closed at 2 p.m. and then we had the Opening Ceremony. This is the 35th birthday of the Escapees RV Club, and a special treat was when Kay Peterson, who founded the club with her husband Joe, back in 1978, spent a few minutes addressing the crowd. And what a hoot that was! Who knew that at age 87 Miss Kay would begin a new career as a standup comedienne? She had the whole crowd laughing so hard we all had tears in our eyes.

Kay Peterson speaking

After the Opening Ceremony we spent some time visiting with the folks in the crowd. A lot were old friends, but there were also plenty who are subscribers and/or regular blog readers whom we had never met face to face before.

Today will be a full day of vending, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and after lunch I will be presenting my signature Highway History and Back Road Mystery seminar. Of the dozen or so different seminars I present at RV events, this is my favorite and usually draws a large crowd. I look forward to it, it’s going to be a fun hour.

Thought For The Day – You are getting old when you enjoy remembering things more than doing them.

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  4 Responses to “Escapade Day One”

  1. We just got a chance to briefly say hi at your booth yesterday, but hope that the Escapade will be a commercially successful one for you and Miss Terry.

  2. Hope you have a very successful Escapade and that you make lots of $$$. We attended the first Life on Wheels conference in Tucson in 2006, our first week of fulltiming. We enjoyed your seminars and use your publications. We are still on the road and have no plans to settle down. We still have to work as park hosts 6 months of the year but it’s ok, we’ve seen lots a sights we had never seen.

  3. And it was a good seminar. While I have heard it before, Nick, you are a good storyteller. Keep up the good work.

  4. Likewise glad to meet you both. Thanks for the tips on vendors who would do a good job for us. And you are right: Kay Peterson is amazing. Safe and cool travels.

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