Eagles And Yarn

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Jul 222013

When we visited the Bremerton area a couple of years ago, we spent a wonderful afternoon in the tiny Hood Canal community of Seabeck, where dozens of bald eagles can be spotted hunting the mudflats at low tide. I shared the day with a blog post titled The Eagles Of Seabeck.

It was a memorable day and we have wanted to do it again. Yesterday we decided to drive the 30 miles or so to Seabeck and see if we could spot any eagles, but we goofed and forgot to check the tide charts, and arrived at near high tide.

The scenery was nice, looking across the canal to the Olympic Mountains, but except for two eagles flying a long distance off, there weren’t any to photograph.

Here are a couple of pictures Terry took on our previous visit, and you can see more on the blog post from that trip.

Same Time, Next Year

Eagle flying

Eagle flying 4

Even though the photography didn’t work out, it was nice to be out near the water and exciting to see the two birds we did spot. We hung around for a while just enjoying the day and being together.

Miss Terry loves the fiber arts, and we both love to read. So when we discovered that bestselling author Debbie Macomber, whose popular books include Same Time, Next Year and 16 Lighthouse Roadis part owner of a yarn shop in nearby Port Orchard, it seemed appropriate we visit.

Yarn shop outside

Yarn shop sign 2

A Good Yarn Shop is housed in a Victorian-style building a mile or two from the waterfront in Port Orchard. When we arrived there was only one other customer in the place, and I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody anywhere that could talk so much. She was talking when we came in and still talking nonstop 45 minutes later when the clerk told us it was time to close. Terry saw a couple of things she was interested in, but couldn’t get the clerk’s attention long enough to ask any questions because Chatty Cathy never even paused to draw a breath.

Yarn shop 2

Yarn shop 4

Yarn shop

According to their website, Ms. Macomber stops in frequently when she is in the area, and a sign out front invited customers to come by and meet her August 17. I hope the lady with the motor mouth isn’t there or nobody else will be able to get near her.

If you prefer shooting over yarn spinning, you probably already know that it can be hard for RVers to find a safe place to shoot when we’re traveling around the country. The other day longtime reader Steve Clarke sent me a link to a website sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation called Where To Shoot that lists gun ranges nationwide. You can even download a free app for iPhones or Androids that will direct you to the closest ranges to wherever you happen to be. If you’re a shooter, check it out.

Thought For The Day – Going into the unknown is how you expand what is known.

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  6 Responses to “Eagles And Yarn”

  1. I’ll bet the clerk would have been grateful if you’d interrupted Chatty Cathy’s monologue…next time, execute a rescue mission and release the hostage! 🙂

  2. Thanks. I sent the link to the shooting range finder to our daughter. She can’t carry while driving a company truck but I’m sure she’ll shoot again someday and, I think, she’ll always be a traveler.

  3. Susie,
    I actually tried interrupting, twice, once as an aside to ask directions to a restroom, and once again to ask about some fiber, but once she had directed me, she voluntarily headed right back to the chatterer! I tried………!! To top it off, since this shop closed at 4, there was a JoAnns just down the road that was open until 6 so Nick stopped there for me. Guess who arrived in the aisle I was in, moments later? And she was still talking, only now she was directing it at me! I hustled right back out to the car!!

  4. Debbie Macomber had learning disabilities and is dyslexic. I love it that she wanted to become a writer so badly that she pursued her passion to write and realized her dream with a lot of hard work! She is now wildly successful, a wonderful story of achieving your dreams to pass on to school age kids with learning disabilities or anybody for that matter!

  5. Well, to be eagles flying fire away, it wasn’t that bad!

  6. Terry,
    That is so funny! (Well, it’s not, but you know what I mean). The clerk at A Good Yarn Shop should have said, “Excuse me while I help this customer” to Chatty Cathy, but I guess common sense just isn’t that common.

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