Dead To The World

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Jul 112013

After our unplanned marathon driving session Tuesday, Terry and I were exhausted and as soon as I got yesterday’s blog posted (which took forever on our terrible internet connection here) we went to bed. The minute our heads hit the pillow we were dead to the world, and we stayed that way until the jerks on either side of us started carrying on very loud conversations and playing their music about 7:30 a.m. The music ended pretty quickly, but the yelling back and forth between sites went on for quite a while.

Lewis/Clark RV resort here in Kamiah, Idaho used to be a nice place when we first visited on our first long RV trip as fulltimers fifteen years ago. In fact, Terry’s parents owned a lot here for many years. But it’s been through several owners since then and has gone way, way downhill. The water did not work in the first RV site they assigned us to, the power pedestal was falling apart on the second one, and though the site we finally got into was a long pull through, the entrance was a muddy mess and impassable. So I had to back in from the other end. Looking around yesterday, there are many sites that should be condemned. It’s sad to see what was once a very nice RV resort turn into a dump. One of the employees said they have a new owner (again), and hopefully things will improve. We’re not in any hurry to return.

During the afternoon Terry’s cousin Toni, who lives in Kamiah, came by to visit, along with her daughter Amanda. It had been 30 years or so since Terry and Toni saw each other, so they had a nice time getting reacquainted.

Except for dropping off the trash and filling our fresh water tank, I never ventured outside yesterday. Our cell phones hardly work here and our 3G Verizon air card and 4G MiFi are pretty much worthless, which leaves us using the campground’s WiFi. It’s very slow and except for checking e-mail, posting the blog, and making a couple of comments on Facebook I have not been able to get much work done online.

I did get some writing done yesterday afternoon, around a much deserved nap, and Terry had fun baking bread and making a delicious pasta dinner. Overall, a quiet, laid back day, which we both needed.

Good news for folks who like audiobooks; the audiobook version of my first mystery, Big Lake, which went live on last week, is now also available on Amazon and in the iTunes Store! It’s selling very well and I’m working with the narrator to get started on the second book in the series now.

We’ll be back on the road today, crossing into Washington state. I don’t know where we’ll end up, but it sure won’t be a long day like we had Tuesday. There’s an Elks lodge in Walla Walla that looks promising and a couple of stories I want to hunt down in that area. We want to be in Vancouver, Washington on Friday or Saturday. We’ll hang out there for a few days and then probably head for Bremerton. It’s nice not having any place we have to be and we’re enjoying life on NST (Nomadic Standard Time).

Thought For The Day – Common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  5 Responses to “Dead To The World”

  1. We were at L@C rv park at Kamiah a couple of years ago for a SKP chapter rally and we both noticed the downward spiral at that time. If you get to the Vancouver area, we have stayed at the 99 RV park, a PPA park which we were very pleased with.

  2. happy you were able to get some rest despite the jerks in the next site. Hope you have better luck today. We are also at a park that is under new ownership, we were here in Branson last year and it was under foreclosure, the new owner took over this month and re-opened. It is run down now but they are working hard to get it up to being a great park like it was when we came here the first time three years ago. We cannot complain to much we get 4G on our wifi and three bars on the phone. It is away from the bright lights of Branson We do have a great view of the entire valley below and at night the sight is awesome. safe travels.

  3. The next time you are in that part of ID try Clearwater Crossing RV Park in Orofino. Not real big, but very nice and reasonable. We stop there for a month every year. Wife has family living in the area.

  4. Sorry to have missed you at Lolo..If the internet hadn’t gone out I could have warned you that they were going to start chip sealing H/W 12…..
    Also Powell C.G. just over the pass has 2 huge pull-thrus with elec. It’s a NFS campground..1/2 price for some of us…Very nice, I spent 5 days there.
    Have Fun,

  5. Glad to see that you are going to be in our part of the country soon. Bonnie and I now spend the summers in Port Townsend. It is like living in a resort. Some type of entertainment is available all the time. There is a writers conference going on as I write. Maybe you could learn to write. Only joking! A jazz festival the last weekend in July and an Acoustic Blues Festival the first weekend in Aug.. We have a very quiet Elks park where one can relax from the rat race.
    Jim and Bonnie Landreth

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