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Somebody sent me an e-mail the other day saying my blog is getting boring. He said he really doesn’t care where we ate dinner or about old cars or the people we meet. I replied that the fulltime RV lifestyle isn’t just about driving down the highway or pulling into a new campground every night. It’s about all of that and the joy of making new friends and sampling the local flavor of the communities we visit. But if you’re the person who e-mailed me and you’re reading this, stop now because you’ll be disappointed again.

Yesterday was a chore day. Yes, even fulltimers have to do mundane things like laundry and shopping once in a while. There are no chore fairies.

Since we have not had a sewer connection for almost two weeks, it was time to either buy new undies or find a coin laundry. That’s something Miss Terry hates. She would much rather use the washer/dryer combo in our motorhome. And there’s a good reason for that.

We tried two laundries here in Bremerton. One had dozens of washing machines, but only two or three that worked and a line of people waiting their turn at them. Why would you have a laundry and not keep your machines in working order? Aren’t you losing money every day they are broken? The second place had more working machines, but it was run down and dirty and I think our clothes would have come out of the machines worse than when they went in.

I did a search on Yelp (yes, Yelpers review things besides restaurants) and found a place called 1 Stop Cleaning in Port Orchard that looked decent. It was about eight miles away, but what the heck, why not? When we pulled up, I wasn’t too sure because there was only one car in the parking lot, but as it turns out the place was very clean and all of the machines worked fine. And I guess our timing was perfect, because by the time we got our machines loaded it was pretty busy. And, as an added benefit, the laundry was right on the bay with an awesome view across the water to the aircraft carriers at the Bremerton Naval Yard.

By the time the laundry was done we were hungry, so back in Bremerton we stopped at Noah’s Ark, a diner style place that has been serving good food since 1974. Nothing fancy here, but everything on the menu is delicious and the prices are reasonable. It definitely gets added to our Favorite Restaurant Guide.

From there we stopped at WalMart for some things we needed, on the way back to the Elks lodge campground. Like I said, just a regular day, nothing exciting, no new sights to see, and no adventures to report.

I do have a couple of things to share with you that you might find interesting. Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard from Technomadia have released a version of their excellent State Lines app for Android phones and devices. I’ve used the Apple version on my iPad for years now and it has been very useful.

And if you like reading romance stories, check out Anna J. McIntyre’s new book Sugar Rush, which is set in Lake Havasu, Arizona and has a lot of local flavor. In fact, there’s even a delicious hot fudge recipe in the story. How’s that for flavor?

Today we are leaving Bremerton and moving about 40 miles north to the Escapees Evergreen Co-op in Chimacum, a few miles south of Port Townsend. Port Townsend is one of our favorite towns and we’re looking forward to spending some time exploring this historic community.

Thought For The Day – Fake friends are like shadows. They’re always near you at your brightest moments, but they’re nowhere to be seen at your darkest hour.

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Nick Russell

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  14 Responses to “Chimacum, Here We Come!”

  1. Oh, Nick, your blogs are never boring! I read them every day and travel vicariously through them! Especially love the pictures and your humor, too. Can’t get enough of your writing! Have read all the Big Lake series and they are probably my favorite mysteries. Currently reading your
    Bad Nick book, and can’t stop nodding my head in agreement! Hope to meet you in person some day. Thanks for your blogs!

  2. We visited Chimacum last summer and we sure would like a site there for the summer months, live there in the summer and LSC in the winter, we were impressed not only by how well the sites are kept up but also how friendly the folks were. They gave us free reign to wander thru the park, when we went to the rec center they were baking cookies and they smelled wonderful, one of the ladies even made sure we got to sample one and they were delicious. It would definitely be a summer place only since they get the white stuff we avoid at all costs. Have fun, be safe in your travels.

  3. Good morning the Mark Twain of the RV World; I am what you class as a Wantabe Full timer. I start my every day with your blog. And I never find it booreing!!!! It makes my days. And I can’t get enough of Bad Nick.
    You just recieved my renewal & I sing your praise’s to all the RV’ers I meet..
    We love your work. Keep it up.!!!!

  4. There you go again, making me jealous! How we love Chimacum and Evergreen Coho Park. Best place ever! And Port Townsend and the surrounding area is such a special place for us. In fact we are planning on volunteering at Ft. Worden someday soon. And if you haven’t tried it already don’t miss Scampi and Halibuts just down the road from the park. Best chowder anywhere!

    So have a great time and just remember all the folks who wish they were living your very UNboring life!

  5. Nick,

    The person who complained about your blog being boring must be leading a boring life if he is looking to you to make his day. We all know you are so boring. Let’s see, there are the stores about people who think you are rich, stories about neat places you visit, stories about funny things that happen. Oh wait, now I am confused. All of this doesn’t sound boring to me. What did you have for dinner last night?.

  6. Geez, if I stopped writing if someone piped up and told me how obviously boring my missives are, I’d never utter another peep.
    That expression comes to mind, “If you’re bored, it because YOU’RE boring.” I think that quite likely applies to the critic.
    The nerve.
    I swear, folks put sh*t in print that they’d never say to your face. And hey, if my eyes start to glaze over, I just scroll down. It’s all good.

  7. Your writing is boring? Never! You even make trying to find a decent laundromat sound like an adventure. Reading your blog is one of the things I look forward to every day.

  8. Isn’t that what blogs are…everyday happenings. I love your blog and it is one of the first things I do everyday…read your blog!! Keep it up, be yourself, it just shows you are human, like the majority of us who read it and love it!

  9. We have been in Sequim for two weeks exploring the area. Fell in love with Port Townsend and I have my check ready to mail to get on the waiting list at Chimacum. I think the ultimate would be to spend summers at Evergreen Coop and winters at our place in South Texas where we wear shorts all winter except for a week or two. The weather has been gorgeous the entire two weeks we’ve been here in Sequim. Hope it holds on for your visit.

  10. You are not boring and I enjoy your blog every day. As RVers we know life happens. Sometimes it’s really interesting sometimes it just everyday activities. Ignore the naysayers, the rest of us enjoy both you and Terry. Keep up the good work.

  11. Nick

    I think it’s funny and maddening at the same time how people that read blogs thing the blogger has an obligation to write what they want to read.

    To me the issue isn’t whether your blogs are boring or not but why does he think they should be written with him in mind!

    I have read you for several years as well as all your Big Lake Mysteries. I must admit “I” like some days better than others but that just adds interest…

  12. Yes, Nick sometimes your blog can be a bit boring as does your buddy Gregg’s. However I still enjoy reading them every day. While I’m not sure what that says about me. I will still continue reading them no matter how boring you try to be.

  13. YES! The blogs are very boring but those of us that spend the summer in such an exciting place as Port Townsend need some boring reads at times. Welcome to the Quimper Peninsula. One highlight that we would highly recommend is the Port Townsend Aero Museum, of course at the airport. The training that they accomplish with some of our young people is truly outstanding. Let me know and we can arrange a tour of this outstanding facility with an incredible story of its founding couple and the community support that keeps it operating. Again welcome to heaven on earth.

    Jim and Bonnie Landreth

  14. Not boring at all to those of us who sometimes visit the same spots…thanks for the restaurant idea in Bremerton…we are here in Seattle area until Fall and sometimes go to Port Orchard to visit kin…so this will be a nice idea for eats!! THANKS!!

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