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Jun 042013

Sometimes I think I should cancel our Dish Network satellite TV service because nothing on the gazillion channels on there is as entertaining as some of the e-mail I get. Consider the example I pasted in below, which came yesterday.

“I got a copy of your paper at Camping World but from what I can see it’s like every other RV magazine I have looked at – geared toward old rich people. We went to a Good Sam rally last year but everybody there had one foot in the grave. Is there something for everyday people like us who are looking for places to camp where our three kids and the dogs can just run around and have fun without crabby old people glaring at them all the time?”

I’m sure that there are places where their kids and dogs can run around and have fun, but we don’t go there. We sort of like being crabby old people. I pointed them toward Family Campers and RVers where, hopefully, they will find family oriented camping activities.

Did you all know that you’re rich and old? I had no idea! I mean, I knew Greg White was old, but who knew he was loaded? From now on he’s buying dinner!

Isn’t it interesting the stereotypes people have? If you’re an RVer, you must be rich and old. Who knew?

I’ve been pretty much chained to my desk the last few days working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal but yesterday afternoon we took a break to drive into Albuquerque to have dinner with our friends Dick and Gaye LaVigne, Bob and Clara Lee, and Clara’s sister Annie. They all live in Albuquerque and have always been faithful supporters of the Gypsy Journal and our rallies.

We ate at a nice place called Buffet King, which had one of the biggest selections of any Chinese buffet we’ve found anywhere. Everything was fresh and delicious and of course, the company only made it better. Here are Bob Lee, Dick, Gaye on the left, Miss Terry, Clara and Annie on the right. Good food and good friends, it doesn’t get any better than that!

LaVigne, Lee dinner

While we love the newfound freedom that not holding two rallies a year gives us, we miss all of the wonderful people we got to see at the rallies.

If we can’t see all of our RVing friends, at least we can keep in contact by e-mail and phone calls. Isn’t technology a wonderful thing?

Since we run our business on the road, a reliable internet connection is essential to us. As technology has evolved from plugging into a phone line at a campground office, to satellite internet dishes, to air cards, we have continually upgraded our equipment, trying to keep pace but never sure if we are getting it right.

The nice folks at Technomadia have just released an excellent new e-book called The Mobile Internet Handbook that is an easy to understand resource for both new and experienced RVers, explaining the options available, the many different plans offered by the various cell phone companies, and how to get the most out of your equipment.

Mobile Internet  Handbook - US RVer Edition

Check it out, one tip alone will save us a lot of money and double the amount of data we will be able to use now that our two year contract with our Verizon 4G mifi is about to run out.

Thought For The Day – One’s philosophy is expressed in the choices one makes. ~ Anna Eleanor Roosevelt

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  11 Responses to “We Don’t Go There”

  1. The song Young Man Blues by Mose Allison and performed by The Who came to mind when I read the persons comment bemoaning the misnomer that “Old people,they got all the money.”
    I would say more in this comment but we are headed out to play shuffleboard.

  2. Your anti-old people contacts might try KOA as most of their campgrounds are very kid friendly. As for the dogs, they probably need to stay away from campgrounds and rallies as most will not tolerate the dogs running around loose and not being cleaned up after. FMCA rallies also have lots of programs just for youth of all ages.

  3. Young people nowadays…

  4. We are definitely old but far from rich. We enjoy the peace and quiet away from families with kids. Now days these campgrounds that are family orientated and have rules that they do not enforce. As for having money guess we have not found that spot yet.

  5. These people should try State parks. They are family oriented but even then
    there are rules to obey such as dogs not running loose. We may be old but
    I hope we don’t have one foot in the grave. We need both feet to move around
    and enjoy our rving days. Have a great day.

  6. Maybe us “old, rich folks” would rather NOT be in a campground with children and dogs running all over the place!

    I know we don’t care to step on YOUR dog’s poop left right next to our camping chairs, nor do we care to have YOUR children trip on our sewer hose as they chase the ball that bounced off our rig while we were napping.

    In our opinion, we aren’t old, rich and crabby, just wise, considerate and experienced …. but maybe someday you will get there too.

    Is that what you were thinking, but being more polite and PC than I am, Nick ?

    I guess in my old age, I’ve lost patience with the newer, younger RVers …. oh well, I’ve earned my opinions! Thanks for letting me share them Nick:) Cya ’round!

  7. It’s so good to be old and enjoy the quiet. I, too, would suggest KOA for an overpriced kid friendly place to have their campfires and sing and make noise and be entertained. As for these two old people, we enjoyed the constant rain on Memorial Day weekend as it kept the riff raff inside and quiet with many of them packing up on Sunday or early Monday in defeat. We would smile and wave to them as they pulled out one after another. Are we old crabby people? Ya sure…ya betcha …and our kitties are too.

  8. That person needs to come camping in Georgia. We do have a few rich, old campers, but we have mostly drunk shirtless men with at least 6 kids and a dog or two. I think they’d be comfortable here.

  9. Those kids better watch and learn, won’t be long……..

  10. Hahaha Nick! We’ve gotten that same e-mail ourselves before, and pretty much had the same response. We may be younger (both around 40), but we’re intentionally kid-free. We so much more enjoy hanging out with ‘crabby old people’ than parked in the middle of a playground.

    Hey, kids should be out running around and I love that so many are out camping and seeing the country. But I have wheels under my house, and can choose to find the right neighborhoods for me 🙂

    Thanks for the plug on the new eBook too!

  11. We don’t have a problem with the dogs, as long as their owners are considerate, which most are. Now that we’re old, we’re too lazy to have dogs of our own, so we just borrow other people’s.

    Nice to know I’m rich. Does this mean I can go shopping?

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