Jun 252013

Some days everything falls into place, and other days things seem to conspire against me and making anything work out right is kind of like herding kittens. Yesterday started out like that.

I was supposed to have another interview about my self-publishing experiences early in the day, but somehow myself and the interviewer got our wires crossed. I understood it was going to be a telephone interview, but as it turns out it was going to be some sort of a video thing using Google+.

The problem with that was that I had no idea what Google+ even was, and did not have the necessary plugins of apps or whatever on my computer to use it. I know I probably should know more about all of this stuff, but I’m a dinosaur and just can’t keep up with the way technology changes on a weekly basis. So messaging me through Facebook, the lady doing the interview tried to talk me through the process.

But even though we have a strong 4G Verizon signal here at the Westminster Elks lodge campground, the service often slows down to the speed of sludge. I tried to open the links to the You Tube videos the interviewer was sending me that were supposed to explain the process, but they would not work and I kept getting knocked offline. Finally we gave up and agreed to try again sometime when we have a better signal. When we get to the Escapade I’m going to try and hook up with Chris and Jim Guld from Geeks on Tour and see if they can find the time to set up the Google+ thing for me.

With that out of the way, we had more visitors yesterday, and this time around I even remember their names! We met Karen Sheff in our first year as fulltimers and crossed paths many times over the next few years before she and her first husband got off the road. I got an e-mail from her the other day saying she and her new hubby, Dave, live in Denver and wanted to come by for a visit. Well sure, come on over!

Karen has been telling Dave about the fulltime RV lifestyle and he wanted to learn more, so they spent a couple of hours here picking our brains. That was fine with us, because the only thing Terry and I love as much as living this life is telling others about it! We felt like we were back teaching at Life on Wheels as we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of different types of RVs, bookdocking, what to do with all your “stuff” when you transition from a sticks and bricks home to a house on wheels, selecting a home base, and lots more. I’m afraid that we were so enthusiastic that we just about talked poor Dave’s ears off! It was wonderful to see Karen again and to have the opportunity to meet Dave. I hope we find them parked next to us in a campground one of these days.

Today we are meeting readers Rick and Barbara Osgood for lunch and then we have to wrap up some last minute chores before we hit the road tomorrow. It’s about 340 miles to Gillette, Wyoming, and we are scheduled to go into Escapade parking on Saturday morning. But we want to get closer before then. I’m not sure yet where we’ll hang out between now and then. Quite a few Escapees are in Buffalo and Casper waiting for the rally to start and others are boondocking around Gillette. I’m sure we’ll figure it out by the time we get in the area.

Thought For The Day – I would rather be known as an honest sinner than a lying hypocrite.

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  6 Responses to “Technical Snafus and Visitors”

  1. If it was our nanes you forgot it is Rich and Barb Oliveria..The waste is a terrible mine too.

  2. We are staying at the High Plains Campground (right across the road from the Camplex). Nice campground. FHU. Lookingn forward to seeing you at the Escapade.

  3. My apologies, Rich and Barb.

  4. Why didn’t you Google how to set up Google +?

  5. I keep telling you, I don’t Google, I Greg when I have a problem.

  6. Just wanted you to know that Lake DeSmet up by Buffalo has some great boondocking sites. We always try to stay there when we’re anywhere near.

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