Jun 262013

We had planned to leave the Westminster Elks lodge today and start the 350 mile trip to Gillette, Wyoming for Escapade. But then we asked ourselves if we would be better off to hang out here another day and get some of our camp guides printed out, and then leave Thursday instead.

However, even though we are on a full hookup 30 amp site the power is flakey here and when everybody turns their air conditioners on during the mid-90 degree days, the voltage drops down to 105 volts. So we might not be able to use our laser printer anyway.

The decision was made when I talked to the assistant camp host last evening and said we might stay another day. She told me we would have to move to dry camp or maybe a spot in the parking lot with 20 amp power and no water or sewer. They have a lot of folks here waiting for Escapade or just returning from the FMCA rally, and our site has been spoken for. Okay, that settles that. If we have to move, it’s just easier to keep moving on down the road.

We’ll either go to Douglas and dry camp tonight and then on to Gillette tomorrow, or maybe we’ll go all the way, depending on how the day goes. We plan to fill our tank before Escapade, because July 1 the fuel tax in Wyoming increases 10 cents a gallon. I suggest you do the same and save yourself a few bucks.

Yesterday Terry and I met blog readers Rick and Barbara Osgood for lunch at a Quaker Steak & Lube restaurant. They have an Itasca motorhome and are making plans to begin their fulltime RVing life. We had a wonderful time visiting with them and answering their questions about fulltiming, working on the road, selecting a home base, and all of the other things new fulltimers need to know about.

I meant to tell them about John and Kathy Huggins book So, you want to be an RVer?. John and Kathy, fulltimers who produce the excellent Living The RV Dream podcasts, have written what I consider to be the most comprehensive book on RVing around. It is available on Amazon in both e-book format and as a printed book.

When we left Rick and Barbara, we stopped at WalMart to stock up on supplies, then got back to the Elks lodge campground and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening relaxing, surfing the internet, and in Miss Terry’s case, doing laundry and getting the motorhome into travel mode.

We’re looking forward to getting to Gillette and seeing some of our Escapee friends. And I have to tell you, I’ll be glad to put this part of Colorado behind us. If I never see a spandex wrapped body on a mountain bike again, I’ll be a happy camper. They’re everywhere, and dodging them as they ride out in front of you without looking or signaling is a thrill a minute.

Thought For The Day – Apparently when someone tells you to get a grip, they don’t mean around their neck. Who knew?

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  9 Responses to “Okay, That’s Decided”

  1. Those bike riders can be a real hazard.

  2. Nick and Terri; Hi again. If you want to stop in Wheatland Wy. The City has a few free/donation spaces just off the hwy. Just pull off and ask someone, its by the city park.

    RICH & BARB OLIVERIA the couple how stopped by…

  3. Nick and Terri; Hi again. If you want to stop in Wheatland Wy. The City has a few free/donation spaces just off the hwy. Just pull off and ask someone, its by the city park.

    RICH & BARB OLIVERIA the couple how stopped by…

    Power and water and dump

  4. Thanks for the “heads up” on the WY fuel tax bump. We’ll definitely top off before pulling into the Cam-Plex on Friday.

  5. the oil company’s have to make money some how, yeah like they need it. This is a sham that they can get away with. So far the most we have had to pay was $3.45 for gas they wanted 3.89 for diesel. We did not know that one block down they were selling it for $3.23. We hope you have a great time at the Escapade and sell lots of books. We hope that all the nasty weather they had for the FMCA rally is long gone and stays away. Sell lots of books but most importantly stay safe.

  6. California has a lot of spandex wrapped bicycle riders. Can’t imagine struggling to go up some of the mountains.

  7. Just a note, we’ve been in Gillette since Sunday. Tried to get into Cam-plex early, but they say absolutely no early entries until Friday. Not much choice in RV parks. We’re at Green tree’s Crazy Woman, at $37/night! Ouch!! Looking forward to seeing you there.

  8. Thanks for the heads-up on the fuel tax. We will fill up before July 1 and hope to get out of the state on that tank. We’ll see you at the Escapade. Have held off on your books because I want hard copies to encourage my hubby to read more. We plan to BD somewhere on Thursday and get into Cam-Plex before noon on Friday. See ya.

  9. Great meeting with you and Terry too! I am very encouraged that this adventure will work. There is a million pieces flying together right now. This going to work! Thanks for all of the suggestions.

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