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Jun 112013

Yesterday I got an e-mail from the advertising agency for a large multi-line RV dealership, asking for access to our mailing list so they could share news of a “special savings program” they have developed just for Gypsy Journal readers. Well, wasn’t that nice of them? And they even wanted to pay us for giving them all of your personal information, as if we would accept money when they’re going to give you such special savings!

When I replied that we never give our readers’ information to anybody, they wrote back to say we’d be doing you all a favor by letting you know about their special saving program, and even sweetened the pot by saying they also wanted to purchase a couple of full page ads to announce said special savings program for our readers! I e-mailed them an advertising rate card with a note that we’d be happy to accept their ad, and that I was sure if their special savings were as good as they suggested they were, you all would be in contact with them and that I had no intention of sharing our mailing list, regardless of their intention. I guess their computer system must have crashed, or maybe their city suffered a massive power blackout about that time, because I never heard back from them.

This happens every so often, some outfit wants access to our mailing list, and it’s always altruistic on their part. I mean, it’s not like they want to besiege you with junk mail, spam, or phone calls. They just want to help you save money and enjoy a full and happy life with whatever product they are pushing. And they usually dangle some carrot on the end of their stick to get us to cooperate. At one of our RV rallies in Arizona, a local dealer told us he would bring a dozen RVs to display at the rally, and pay us big bucks to do so, but only if we gave him access to our mailing list.

Again, our customer information is not for sale at any price! Don‘t bother asking. I hate junk mail and spam, and I damn sure won’t contribute to you getting it, no matter how “special” the deal is.

After spending most the day working on a book project, while Miss Terry did paperwork, we left the campground about 6 p.m. and drove into town for dinner at Pizza Castle, and it was just as good as it was on our first visit a week or so ago.

I couldn’t help but the notice the family in the booth next to us, a mother, father, and boy of about twelve. All the while they were waiting for their meal, and after it came and they ate, I did not hear them say one word to each other. The boy had his face stuck in some tablet, dad was busy texting, and mom was reading a magazine. I know they were capable of speech, because they talked to the waitress when she came to their table to check on them.

Meanwhile, Terry and I were chatting away like magpies. We always seem to be able to find something to talk about. There are times when we’re on the road and we’ll get to talking, and before we know it 200 miles have rolled past! Of course, we are also comfortable enough with each other that there are times when we’re both involved in our work or projects or whatever and don’t say a word for an hour or two. That’s okay too.

Another guy who always has something to say is Bad Nick, though he’s been quiet for the last week or so. But that’s mostly because I’ve been busy on the computer and wouldn’t let him have access to it. However, he’s back with a new Bad Nick blog post titled Poor Choices Make You Poor. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – What messes us up most in life is the false picture in our head of how life should be.

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  1. thank you Nick, you are an honest hard working person who keeps his word about not selling our e-mail address to some business, I know you lost a great deal of money by not accepting the offer of them taking out an add in your blog.

    Thank you Nick for keeping your word about not selling our e-mail address to any one. A person is only as good as his word and you are a very good person.


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