Jello Is Mellow

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Jun 122013

When the young lady from the Apple store called me Sunday morning she said they expected to get the parts they needed to fix my iMac in on Tuesday morning and get it all put back together, and that she would call me in 48 hours with a status update. I told her that would work out fine and we could still leave on Wednesday (today) as planned.

To be honest, I really wasn’t surprised when she never called back yesterday morning as promised. I’ve come to expect broken promises from Apple. It’s kind of like scheduling your RV for service, lots of assurances that never come to pass.

I called the store about noon and the person I talked to checked and said yes the parts were there and they planned to work on it overnight. Huh? What happened to having it ready Tuesday if the parts came in? He had no idea, but said he thought it would be ready to go today. Huh? You think?

So we stirred the Jello and will hang around another day and (hopefully) take off tomorrow. It’s all good, we don’t have any place we have to be for a while. I shall remain mellow. For now….

Yesterday afternoon our friends Bob and Clara Lee hosted a wonderful Chinese dinner for us and Dick and Gaye LaVigne at their beautiful home on the northwest side of Albuquerque. To say it was delicious would be a gross understatement! Both Bob and Clara love to cook and entertain, and it shows.

A while back Miss Terry had mentioned that she loves spumoni, so Dick and Gaye brought dessert, adding a little Italian flavor to our Chinese dinner.

As good as everything was, the company was even better, if that is possible. We shared a lot of laughs around the table with our friends. Thank you, Bob and Clara, for a wonderful evening. We really enjoyed it.

Yesterday a blog reader wrote to ask about Miss Terry’s current weaving project. Here it is, a colorful lightweight cotton scarf. Terry keeps telling me she’s a rank beginner and has a lot to learn, but everything she’s made so far looks pretty darned good to me!



It hit 100 degrees in Albuquerque yesterday, and that’s about 15 degrees too hot for me. We plan to spend a week or two in Colorado when we leave here, but with the wildfires burning there, we’ll play it by ear. If the air quality is too bad from all the smoke, like it was last year in Arizona’s Verde Valley, we’ll move on up the road and find someplace else to hang out until we go to Gillette, Wyoming for Escapade the end of the month. Yeah, the Jello is mellow.

Thought For The Day – Go for greatness. Anything else is a waste of time.

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  3 Responses to “Jello Is Mellow”

  1. Terri’s weaving is beautiful! I love the cool summer colors, and the edges look perfect. If she has not checked out Ravelry, she should (,) a free social site for fiber-folk. There she will find lots of support and information. There’s an Ashford Loom group and an RV group there, too!

  2. Love Terry’s weaving. She’s a talented lady! Hope the iMac gets fixed today. It’s maddening having to delay travel for something like that.

  3. fingers crossed that you get your computer back today and it is fixed right this time. Terry, weaving is awesome, she is so talented I cannot think of one thing she can not do. Keep stirring the jello a bit.

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