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Jun 072013

A few weeks ago I wrote that my iMac was back at the Apple store (again) and that they were trying to fix its ongoing problems (again). And here we go again!

Yesterday the CD/DVD drive crashed again! This is the same drive that has been replaced twice now. I am so frustrated with this piece of junk that I paid huge bucks for. When I called Apple Support yesterday, the fellow I talked to there looked up the computer’s service history and said it was obvious I got a bad machine to start with. Okay, then since you guys can’t fix it and it’s still under warranty, replace it! No, I don’t want to trade it in on another one, as was suggested, because I don’t plan to spend another penny with this company. I purchased it in good faith, and have now lost all faith in Apple products and their supposed wonderful service after the sale.

Okay, end of rant. Back to real life.

Terry finished proofing the new issue of the Gypsy Journal yesterday, and after making the corrections, I uploaded it to our printer’s web server. Sometime between now and Monday they’ll look it over again, and if everything is okay, it will be ready for the press. This is the first issue our 15th year of fulltiming. That’s a lot of travel stories!

Now that the paper is finished, we plan to spend some time playing tourist here in the Albuquerque area, and I can get back to working on my next book. I’ve been looking forward to that.

I know you’ve heard me say before that I love dogs, but I very much dislike rude pet owners. Especially those who let their dogs bark incessantly and don’t shut them up, and those who allow their dogs to go to the bathroom and then walk away without cleaning up after them. We’ve even been known to walk outside and hand people a plastic bag and tell them that since they didn’t have a bag with them, they can use it to clean up their dog’s crap.

There is a scene in my book Crazy Days in Big Lake in which a fellow collects his neighbor’s dog’s waste and dumps it on the hood of the clods’s pickup truck. That was based on something that happened to us, when a fellow let his dog do its business by our steps and walked away without cleaning it up. When I confronted him about it blew me off, so I picked it up for him, then deposited it on the hood of his big white pickup truck. Here’s a story about a small town that has taken the same approach, delivering owner’s dog poop to their homes if they don’t pick up after them. I wish RV parks would do the same thing!

I often hear from readers asking for information on what to look for when shopping for a used RV. Blog reader John Quade sent me a link to an excellent checklist that every RV shopper should print out and take with them. Thanks John, this will help a lot of folks.

Thought For The Day – A clear conscience laughs at false accusations.

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  11 Responses to “Back To The Shop”

  1. Can’t download your link to the checklist

  2. I can’t access the link either.

  3. Nick,

    Sorry to hear about your Mac problems. I say dump it and buy a PC. Greg White will help you find a good one.

    Also, link not available to me.

  4. Nick, good rant on your Apple. Ours have worked quite well until recently (over five years) when the batteries died. Please keep everyone updated on it, I’m hoping that they’ll realize who you are and what your “pen” can do. Hope your day goes well regardless.

  5. know what you mean about picking up after dog owners, while workamping at RV park in Benson AZ. kept after this one guy to pick up where his dog left off, he wouldn’t so I did. Just dumped in the back end of his truck along with all his other crap. When we lived in a house, neighbor lady’s Grate Dane would like to use our fresh plowed driveway, so picked it up and deposited right next to her car door so the next bit of snowfall would cover it over, took care of that issue. Dave

  6. Drats–I can’t open the link either.

    A friend lived in the country on some acreage and people would dump their garbage on it. He would sort through, find letters with their addresses on and then gather the garbage and dump it on their front porch. This solved the problem too. Most pet owners are responsible but the yapping dogs and those who don’t clean up after their dogs then make everyone look bad. I like the ideas expressed here and bet it has solved some problems!

    Those computer problems happened to my brother and his Dell computer. After speaking too many times to India he finally got a replacement for no money and it worked well for many years. So maybe that will work for you too.

  7. Good post today Nick. Wish dog owners would take responsibility for their pets and their poop!

    Can’t open link to RV list.

  8. But my dog is tiny…. 😉

  9. I opened the link to the “poop” story on the first try (on chrome).

    I loved the idea that a little bit of humor was employed

  10. I will try to repost the link once I get my computer back from the shop.

  11. Hope you get your computer back up and running!!
    I would like to check out that link also! — The RV List
    Mary Klinger

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