A Not So Lazy Sunday

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Jun 102013

I got a telephone call yesterday morning from the Apple store to tell me they think they figured out what is wrong with my iMac. The young lady said they replaced the CD/DVD drive again and the cable for it, and then they decided that the circuit board that my RAM plugs into is bad. They ordered a new one, and hopefully it will arrive and be installed on Tuesday so we can still leave town on Wednesday as scheduled. If not, we’ll shake up the Jello and hang around another day or two. That’s just one of the advantages of the fulltime RV lifestyle.

After our usual morning routine of checking e-mail and reading blogs, Miss Terry made us a light brunch, then I called Greg White to let him gloat, since he warned me going in not to be conned by Apple’s hype, telling me that they were just as prone to problems as Windows based computers. I’m still not sure he’s right, though. It seems like when you pay five or six times more for something, your problems should be more special in some way, shouldn’t they? Or maybe I’m the one who is special for falling for Apple’s crap?

The narrator who is working on the audio book version of my first Big Lake mystery novel uploaded three more chapters Saturday, and after I talked to Greg we reviewed them. It sounds great, and if everything stays on schedule the audio book should be available in July.

My next task was to send out the link to our new digital issue to our subscribers, as well as renewal notices to those whose subscriptions are due. That took a good part of the afternoon, and as always happens, we got a spurt of renewals coming in almost immediately. We sure do appreciate our loyal subscribers!

While I was working on that, Miss Terry was setting up a new weaving project. This one is more involved than the ones she has done so far, using much finer yarn and more of it, so it took her quite a while to get it warped and to dress the loom. I don’t really know what all of that means, but it involved lots of yarn strung out half the length of the motorhome. Just watching her was making me tired, so eventually I laid down on the couch and took a nap. When I woke up an hour later things still looked as confused, but Terry assured me she was making progress. I decided to take her word for it.

I’m not sure what’s in store for us today. We may visit Old Town and run a few errands. Or, now that Terry finally has her loom set up, she may want to stay home and weave. Either one works for me. For a fat guy, I’m pretty flexible.

Thought For The Day – Every book is a promise from the author and an act of faith from the reader. – Brandon Hale

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  10 Responses to “A Not So Lazy Sunday”

  1. Flexible?

    Let’s see you touch your toes.

  2. I have toes?

  3. As if you had a choice on taking her word for it…………nice try Nick!! lol

  4. Nick, I’ve followed your Apple iMac situation, and I’m glad you’re close to resolution (we hope). I do think Apple makes the best equipment, hence the higher price, and their operating system and software are the best. No one having a PC could suggest having the Windows operating system running in their computer could compare to Apple’s OS on ease-of-operation…I’ve used both for many years.
    I hope this latest fix resolves your issues, and that you remain an Apple supporter for years to come. Another aspect of purchasing Apple products is its infrastructure and somewhat seamless addition of other Apple products into your home e.g. iPad, iPhone, iCloud, etc. It’s the advantage of controlling the environment that sets Apple apart – it does limit its progress sometimes – but that’s not a big price to pay for ease of use and that it “all just works”.
    Rick Stevens

  5. Good Morning! We didn’t get the link to the new GJ edition. We’re you using a MAC when you sent it? LOL!

  6. Really Rick Stevens? You’ve been following Nick’s problems and you still say “it all just works”? Apparently not for him or he wouldn’t be having these same problems over and over, would he?

  7. Based on my experience, I’d have to disagree, Rick. From the day I bought my iMac it has given me problems and Apple’s support has not been satisfactory. If it were, none of you would be reading about this. I’ve had plenty of problems with Windows computers over the years too, but at least I didn’t pay a small fortune for them. The one area where the iMac is head and shoulders above a Windows computer is in laying out the newspaper. But for everyday use, given the constant problems I have had, and given the fact that I still have to use a Windows laptop for accessing programs like Stamps.com, Streets & Trips, etc. for which I have not found a suitable Mac program, I’d have been much better off and saved a ton of money by sticking with Windows.

  8. Strange Barry, it didn’t bounce back. I’ll re-send it.

  9. All of you have fun with Windows 8. 🙂

  10. Nick, it really sounds like you should stick with your PC. I use Parallels for Windows 7 since I also have Quicken (much better in PC version) and also occasionally use Streets and Trips. I see you got rid of that off your iMac. Also, if you don’t take advantage of the Apple infrastructure on an iPad or iPhone, you can’t appreciate the advantage an Apple user has over the alternatives.

    You may be interested in viewing the WWDC Keynote (World Wide Developers Conference) today…probably available on the Apple site tomorrow. It’s all about the new OS X Maverick, their new operating system, and the new OS 7, their new mobile operating system on tablets and phones. There are some exciting new abilities in the new OS’ and should bring more converts to the Apple fold.

    Nick, you know all about lemons, and it sounds like you got one, and then didn’t get the best Genius to help you solve the problem. Apple makes a great computer, worth the money you spend…honest. Compare the “experience”, the power, and the normal quality of Apple’s product to any of the PCs, and you’ll find dollar for dollar the Apple the better buy.

    I hope the replacement of your RAM board and the drive cable solve this prolonged issue you’ve had. I must add that I”ve had a 27″ iMac for a few years now, and have not had a single issue.

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