May 142013

We didn’t want to announce it until after I finished up with my medical appointments at the VA hospital here in Tucson, just in case there were any unpleasant surprises waiting for me. But it looks like I’ll live another year at least, so we’re going to be at the Escapees Club’s Escapade RV rally in Gillette, Wyoming June 30 – July 5th. We will have a vendor booth and I will be presenting my Highway History and Back Road Mystery seminar at the rally. It’s been a while since we’ve been to an Escapade and we’re looking forward to seeing all of our friends, and making some new ones, too!

As I said, everything went well with my annual medical checkup yesterday; my blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and all of that other fun stuff are good. If my doctor can schedule one before we leave the state, I may have to go back for a colonoscopy, since it’s been five years. If the timing doesn’t work out, I’ll have it done when we return to Tucson in mid-November.

Today we plan to go to Show Low, our old hometown, where we will hang out for a couple of weeks getting our grandkids fix. It’s about 200 miles, most of it on two lane roads, so we hope to be out of here about 10 a.m., before it gets too hot.

I’m not sure where we’ll stay when we get there. For years we have stayed at the campground at the Elks lodge, but last year the manager told us he probably could not find a site for us, since the whole campground was booked solid, but to come by anyway, “just in case.” When we arrived there was only one other rig and the campground host. We were there almost three weeks, and every day the manager insisted we might have to leave at any minute because the place was “booked up.” Never in that whole period were even half of the 16+ RV sites occupied. I got the impression it was more of a power trip on his part than anything else.

Rates at the Elks lodge went up to $20 a night since last year, so they’re no huge bargain anyway. We’d prefer to give them our money, but if we can’t get in, no problem, we’ll go to Plan B and stay at one of the local RV parks. They always appreciate the business.

Assuming (and we all know what happens when we assume) my colonoscopy gets postponed, we’ll leave Show Low around the end of the month and wander toward Gillette, stopping to play tourist along the way. There are several stories I have wanted to chase down in New Mexico and Colorado and this would be a good opportunity to do so.

Plan B (always have a Plan B); if they do schedule the procedure sometime before mid-June, we will either hang out around Show Low a little longer, or go over to the Verde Valley Thousand Trails preserve for a while.

Either way, we’re headed for the cool, pine scented White Mountains today. We’re both looking forward to getting out of the desert. Two months of sand and cacti are about all we can handle. Not to mention the triple digit temperatures forecast for later this week.

Thought For The Day – Wounds scar the flesh, but words scar the soul.

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  14 Responses to “We’re Going To Escapade!”

  1. Assuming about a colonoscopy….there’s got to be a pun in there somewhere. Glad to hear your health is good, Nick.

  2. So glad you’re coming to Escapade! It’s been too long since we’ve seen you and Miss Terry. We’ll be on staff at the Volunteer Bureau. Hugs await!

  3. Mazel Tov on the clean bill of health Russells. It’ll be good to see you two again in Gillette.

    Safe journeys!


  4. So glad your going to Gillette. We can give you and Miss Terri a great big SKP hug.

  5. Nick,

    We stayed at the Elks the first week in May. There were not a lot of rigs. The only problem was they couldn’t find all the keys for the electric boxes.

    See you in Gillette.

  6. Good to hear that your health is good. Glad to hear that you’ll be at the Escapade. Will stop by the booth to say hi again.

  7. Happy to hear that all came out OK for you and all the test. Have a safe trip to Gillette and have a great time and sell lots of books. Be sure to have plenty of hard copies of your Big Lake series I am sure you will sell a lot of them. We are heading slowly up to Forest City to the Winnebago GNR, Mike is presenting computer classes once again. We need to get out of TX before the really hot weather kicks in, today it starts a week of high 90’s with lots of storms predicted. I believe the tempt but not so much the storms we need rain to bad for that to be true. Just be safe and maybe we will meet once again down the road

  8. Yaay – so glad you will be at Escapades! David and I are the row reps for Lone Star Corral…hope we can get together sometime that week 🙂

  9. See you at Escapade if all goes well. Still stuck at home base in Florida. Part for engine finally came so it will be installed this week. Hope it solves our engine problem. Glad all OK with health. Many hugs.

  10. Glad you will be at Escapade! We will stop by the booth and make the acquaintance of fellow bloggers!

  11. Good news on the medical check up. Glad to read that.

  12. I thought “Boss Bob” Pinner would get you to Gillette. We will be at both the FMCA and Escapade rallies. Molly has also worked with the Cam-Plex folks to open one of the campgrounds for those of needing a site between the two gatherings. The commercial CG across the street was full of oil pipe line workers.
    We’ll stop by the booth for hugs.

  13. Delighted you will be at the Escapade! Looking forward to seeing you both.

  14. Glad to hear you are going to Gillette. We’ll stop by to say Hi!! You really don’t know us, but I sure feel like I know you!! Read your log every day.

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