May 252013

To just a precious few. Yes, it won’t be long until our visit here in our old hometown is over and we’ll be heading down the road again. It’s always bittersweet – we love visiting my daughter and her family, but we love our life on the road and could never be happy living here again.

It’s always hard for us to find the time to get to visit everybody we want to when we come here, and Terry and I have had to set priorities. We’ve decided that in this day of cell phones, Facebook, and e-mail, if people don’t make an effort to stay in contact with us at least once in a while, we will give priority to visiting with those who do when we come to town.

Yesterday we spent part of the afternoon visiting our friend Lyle Worman at his Pinetop Sporting Goods store, and then drove a short distance to Pinetop Book Exchange to see Jim Lewis and his wife Shar. A new pizza place called Johnnie D’s recently opened in Lakeside, and after the bookstore closed, the four of us went there for dinner. Due to a snafu in the kitchen the service was a little slow, but that was okay, it gave us more time to visit. And when we did get them, our pizzas were delicious.

Jim and Shar have been thinking about the fulltime RV lifestyle for a while now and they picked our brains about types of RVs, what options were useful and what were frills, and life on the road in general. We always love telling folks about RVing and hope we gave them some food for thought.

This area is a major tourist destination, and the traffic was hectic with campers and visitors who have fled the hot desert to hide out in the cool mountains for the three-day weekend. The strong winds didn’t help things much either and I told Terry I was glad we weren’t traveling this weekend.

As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, we had heard secondhand that the Elks lodge manager had rented the site we are in and that we might have to move. Yesterday morning the campground host came by and left us a note saying that he had our site rented as of June 1st. That’s no problem, we plan to leave next Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the wind that is always a part of life in northern Arizona this time of year.

In the meantime, we plan to cram as much time as we can in with my daughter and her kids and Terry’s mom and dad in the few days we have left. It’s all about building memories to hold us over until we get back to Arizona in early November.

Thought For The Day – Remember, if somebody is talking behind your back, it’s because you are ahead of them.

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  1. We have done the same thing Nick. When we go back to Iowa there are always a lot of people who want us to come by and see them, but we never hear from them the rest of the year. We usually spend 4 to 6 weeks at home and they always want us to come visit them but never come to the campground to see us! One person, my sister, lives less than two miles away and passes the campground twice a day going to work and coming home. Not once in 5 years has she ever stopped to even say hello. But she expects us to come visit her. I finally told her we drove 1350 miles to get there and if she can’t go 2 miles to see us we don’t have time. We also have RV friends who are no different. We spent the winter in Mission, Texas and had friends staying a few miles away. We visited them in their campground several times but they never came to see us, and we instigated most contact.

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