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May 012013

We’ve been in the Apache Junction area for six weeks, which is at least two weeks longer than I like sitting still, and we both have a bad case of hitch itch. But today we get to roll our motorhome’s wheels!

We plan to leave Countryside RV Resort mid-morning and drive to Tucson, where we have two weeks reservations made at Voyager RV Resort. While we would prefer to be heading someplace cooler, we both have medical appointments scheduled and we’re looking forward to spending time with my cousin Beverly. She is one of my favorite people in the world.

Since we are parting company today, for a while at least, I took advantage of our last day together to take advantage of Greg White’s mechanical abilities and good nature one last time. He came over yesterday morning and cleaned all of the Winnebago’s battery terminals and coated them with a special spray that helps prevent corrosion.

Doesn’t the look on Greg’s face just say, “Man, I’m sure glad I’m leaving this guy behind!” to you? Actually, Greg swears he enjoys all of this stuff, and as long as he thinks that, I’m not about to disabuse him of the notion.

Greg working on batteries

The other day Greg also installed an LED digital volt meter so we can monitor our house battery bank, since we have found that the monitor built into the motorhome’s control panel isn’t very accurate. Greg mounted the meter just above my desk and wired it into the hot side of a light fixture so it’s always visible. While the readout on mine is green, they also come in red from Amazon.

12 volt meter

If everything works out, we’ll be in Tucson for a couple of weeks and then go up to our old hometown of Show Low for a visit with my daughter Tiffany and her family and friends from back before we became fulltime RVers. It will be a lot cooler up there, which we are looking forward to.

As much as we would like to be vendors at the Escapees Club Escapade Rally in Gillette, Wyoming the end of June, it doesn’t look like it will work out financially for us. It’s a long way to Gillette, and between the fuel and the rally fees, we’d have to sell an awful lot of subscriptions just to break even.

Since that isn’t going to happen, I made two three-week reservations at Thousand Trails campgrounds on the Washington coast starting in early July. First we’ll be at the Long Beach preserve in Ilwaco July 2 – 23, and then we’ll move north a bit to the Oceana Resort near Ocean City July 23 – August 13.

The good thing about our membership is that it doesn’t cost anything to make a reservation, and we can cancel as late as 24 hours before arrival with no penalty if we have to change our plans at the last minute.

After that we’ll drive up the Olympic Peninsula to Port Townsend to stay at the Escapees Evergreen Co-op for a while. Port Townsend is a charming little town and one of our favorite places in the country. From there we plan to spend a few days in Bremerton, where we can take the ferry across Puget Sound for day trips to Seattle. Eventually we’ll start south sometime in the fall, taking U.S. 101 along the Oregon coast. Oh yes, those wheels are going to roll!

That’s the game plan, but as with all fulltime RVers, our schedule is written in Jello and can change at any moment. Sometimes I’m not really sure where I’m going until I’ve been there a week or two!

Thought For The Day – Every time you remove something negative from your life, you make room for something positive.

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  9 Responses to “Roll Those Wheels!”

  1. We loved Oceana but wasn’t impressed with Long Beach. Be sure and do Seaside in OR on your way south.

  2. If you get a chance while visiting Port Townsend have breakfast at “The Blue Moose Cafe”. It’s incredible and located in the industrial area across from Safeway.

  3. The “Spruse Goose” is in the Evergreen Museum in McMinnville, OR. If you have ANY interest in it’s history or airplanes in general, this museum is not to be missed.

    There is also a very interesting, but smaller airplane museum in Tillamook, OR. Of course the Tillamook ice cream factory is in Tillamook.

  4. I am surprised you are going back to Long Beach instead of Seaside since last time you seemed to drive over the bridge into Oregon every day. We find there is little to do in the Ocean Shores/Ocean City area, so a couple days is enough for us.

  5. If you don’t visit Whidby Island ,and walk out on the bridge over deception pass ,you won’t see one of the best places in the World !. the other one is Crater lake in Oregon ,but i’m sure you’v been there ?Ken

  6. wow 12.1 battery volts loowwww
    looks like time to recharge
    but a note if you put a meter on the batterys in your bank do you find the same reading as your new meter when i got mine i was off by 1.9v

    no no you cant go north all the road are out no power and the bridges are to high for you the campgrounds are washed out the boats are not moveing and the surf to high plus you will get sunburn bad and no clams stay south you bum

  7. Have you thought about just playing RVer and attending both the FMCA and Escapade rallies for fun??? We need a Nick & Terry social fix. I’m sure there would be enough friends who could drop GJ bundles around town and regional campgrounds so you wouldn’t need a booth. You could then head west to get your Northwest destinations in. I’m just sayin’….

  8. It’s crossed our minds. But we wouldn’t know how to go to a rally and NOT work! 🙂

  9. Call it a “vacation” and you can take all those Geek classes, join us for some geocaching, and go to a SKP Boomers dinner at the local Chinese Restaurant. Besides, Greg (and Jan) will be there to keep your rig running. Shake the Jell-o.

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