May 202013

In the words of country singer Kathy Mattea, “I loved life as we knew it. But life as we knew it ended today.”

That’s right, life as we knew it is over. My granddaughters have gotten me hooked on Duck Dynasty. I think they have almost every episode of the last season recorded, because they made me watch them in the last couple of days.

In case you are unfamiliar with this reality TV series, it is based upon the Robertson family of Louisiana, who have turned making duck calls into a million dollar a year business. Basically, think a modern day version of the Beverly Hillbillies with a platinum American Express card. Just so you know, rednecks should never have a credit card.

Duck Dynasty family

The show has launched an entire product line that includes Duck Dynasty DVDs of the earlier season episodes, books, a cookbook, shirts, and even bobble heads!

Much to my chagrin, it’s actually a fun, goofy show and a couple of the characters grow on you pretty quickly, especially Uncle Si. Even if in one episode he bought a French poodle for a hunting dog! I think every family has an Uncle Si. Between all of the silliness and exaggeration, the show also has some good lessons about family values and working hard to be successful.

And the best thing about the show is that I now understand my buddy Greg White a whole lot better! Smile

Between working on our power issues for the first couple of days we were in town, and then visiting with family and friends, we’ve been on the go a lot since we got to Show Low. I had planned to get some writing done yesterday, but we stopped by daughter Tiffany’s house and had so much fun that before we knew it the day was halfway over.

Later in the afternoon Tiffany and husband Scott came by the campground and Scott helped me with a couple of little projects. I also gave him a portable solar panel a company had sent me to evaluate a while back that I wasn’t too impressed with. Then Miss Terry made a delicious pasta dinner and we had a good time visiting. By the time they left it was getting late so I just caught up on e-mail, sent out several orders for our new Hitching Post RV park review e-book, and we watched some TV until bedtime.

And yes, it was reruns of Duck Dynasty.

Thought For The Day – I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. – Winston Churchill

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  3 Responses to “Life As We Knew It Is Over”

  1. Phil Robertson was the quarterback while attending college. His backup quarterback was Terry Bradshaw. Phil turned the NFL, just wanted to go back home and hunt.

  2. If there was one show I thought I would NEVER watch, it was Duck Dynasty! Then I watched it just so my SIL would shut up. Big mistake – it was instant addiction. I went back and caught up on every episode. As Uncle Si says, “Happy, happy, happy!”

  3. Was just coming here to say same thing bob did. Stories are that he was always late to practice while at La Tech and would show up wit duck feathers all over him.

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