Enough Already!

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May 082013

Would somebody please turn off the wind? I’ve had more than enough! I’ve lived in Tucson a couple of times in my life, and spent a lot of time visiting, and I can never remember so much wind so many days in a row. We’ve been here over a week and every day it’s been windy. Some days more than others, but enough to rattle the awnings every single day. We expect that in northern Arizona this time of year, but not in Tucson. No wonder poor Miss Terry is sneezing and coughing so much.

Yesterday afternoon Terry cut my hair and trimmed my beard outside of our motorhome, and with the wind, by the time she was finished I think she had more hair on her than I did on me!

I had a Bad Nick moment and made a lady mad yesterday. She’s e-mailed me twice, wanting to know why we charge for the digital edition of the Gypsy Journal and our e-book of free and low cost campgrounds since “it doesn’t cost a penny to send them by e-mail.” I explained twice that we invest a lot of time and effort creating our products and expect to be reimbursed for them, no matter what method by which they are delivered. The lady responded, “If you want my business you’ll do it my way.” That’s when Bad Nick told her that what she called her business was actually a demand for my charity!

You’d be surprised how many times this happens. Well, maybe not if you’ve ever dealt with the public much. Some of my favorites are the retirees who demand a discount because they are on a fixed income. I always ask them if they can fix my income, because the darned thing is broken and never reaches as far as it needs to.

Today I have an extended appointment at the eye clinic at the V.A. hospital that looks like it will take up much of the afternoon. I absolutely hate getting my eyes poked and prodded but it needs to be done. Getting old sucks, but as they say, it beats the heck out of the alternative.

Since they will be dilating my eyes, Terry is going to have to drive me home. Last year when I went in for my routine checkup they detected a possible problem and decided that I needed the same exam, but they didn’t tell me about the dilation in advance. Since Terry was sick last year and I was alone, I had to wait a couple of hours after the doctor was done with me to be able to see well enough to drive back to where we were staying at the RV park at the Pima County Fairgrounds.

Hopefully I’ll be done at the hospital in time to stop at Camping World to see if they have some bay door struts, since I have several that need replaced. And a few blocks from there, I need to stop at Rocky Mountain Cummins to pick up a couple of gallons of antifreeze/coolant. We have a very, very slight leak in our motorhome, but when we were at Redlands Truck & RV Center last year Keith said it would cost more to fix than to top the reservoir off every six months or so. One gallon would be more than enough, but I always like to have backup when needed.

Thought For The Day – An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. – Robert A. Heinlein

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  11 Responses to “Enough Already!”

  1. Aren’t people just amazing? It’s true…there’s nothing funnier than real life.

  2. The lady who e-mailed you and said, “If you want my business…” What business? If you give it to her free that’s not a business. And what is she contributing to you for all the work you have done? Yes, people never cease to amaze me.

    When I was teaching (in a college) a student failed the first test. He came to talk to me and told me I couldn’t fail him. I was somewhat stunned then realized he was from the “pass them through no matter what” public school system. I told him that I hadn’t failed him, he had failed all by himself. He repeated that I couldn’t fail him. He appeared stunned when I told him that in college you can fail out if you don’t pass the tests. Needless to say he not only failed my class but others as well. Sad commentary on our American school system.

  3. I am amazed how so many people live without “getting it.” We all know folks who speak without thinking. Your quote of the day would kill off a lot of stupid innocents.
    Your story reminds me of when we had a restaurant and a woman complained we charged too much ($1.50) for an egg salad sandwich. Eggs were less than a dollar a dozen.
    I didn’t have time to explain that as a business, we had to pay substantial overhead and payroll. I told her to go away, but she wanted to argue with me.

  4. some folks amaze me at how stupid they can be. Wanting free gypsy journal just because it is free to send. They do not realized I guess all the time and work that goes into preparing something like the journal. We have some folks here that complain that that they have to pay such rates for electric when members probably pay less. We pay the same amount as everyone in the park members or guests we have no control over what the co-op charges. The rate is cheaper here than most parks in the area. I guess there will always want something for free. Hope your eye appointment goes well and the wind dies down so Miss Terry will be able to breath and not sneeze constantly.

  5. I’ve always thought that basic accounting, I.e., how to read a simple profit and loss statement and balance sheet, should be taught to all children in arithmetic classes. It would be useful in daily life and would give people a basic understanding of how the businesses they deal with work.

  6. The Camping World store in Tucson is like my candy store. Once,but only once I actually got out of there without spending any money, so I made up for it the next time in there.
    You shoulden’t post on your Blog where you plan to go during the day Nick,it may prompt some nut like me to stalk you guys for a free Gypsy Journal. They’r free right? You don’t have to send them out.

  7. I had a similar slow radiator situation with my MH. I believe Redlands Truck & RV Center gave you bad advice. It will break down in the most inconvient place and end up costing you a lot of money. Mine cost me 5 days of travel and $6K. Check with Cummins and join there Cummins Power Club for free.

  8. I belong to the Power Club, John and their place in Charlotte, Michigan said the same thing. Jut leave it be. It is so slight it can’t be noticed most of the time.

  9. To bad you cannot hold off on your struts till you get to our favorite store in Elkhart. I have bought struts there for less than 1/2 at camping world. Having been in the retail business for years I can understand how cheap some people can be. Good for you setting her straight. Last year heading to Alaska we were in snow at 1000 Trails in Bend Or. At the end of May. Bend is such a neat area, we made reservations for 2 nites ended up staying 8. Have a safe trip. We just arrived in Mo. missed Az. wind.
    Safe travels, hi to Terry.

  10. I hope your eyes are all right. I remember four years ago I had a torn retina and had to drive myself home after the laser surgery. I wore sunglasses and the dark glasses they give you when you have your eyes dilated and wore them over my regular glasses. The hard part was not being able to read for 5 days and just take it easy. So I hope your eyes are healthy!

  11. I think that the reason some people make such unreasonable demands on you is that they have gotten “familiar” with you through your blog. They think they are your friends now, and are comfortable enough to ask for favors or special treatment. Such is the blogging world these days. Perfect strangers acting stupidly and saying things they never would have said years ago. You’re right in telling her off!

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