Blowing In The Wind

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May 042013

The wind blew all of Thursday night and most of the day yesterday. It rocked the Winnebago all night long, and when we woke up yesterday morning we could actually see our bedroom slide visibly moving with each strong gust. We’ve been in some bad windstorms over the years, but never anything like that! For most of the day we couldn’t see the mountains because of all of the crud and dust in the air. I’m sure glad we weren’t out on the highway in that mess!

We didn’t have anything that we had to do, probably the only day we’ll have with no commitments while we’re here in Tucson, so we never opened the door all day long. Which was just as well because if we would have, the wind might have ripped it right off the motorhome!

I spent the day writing, knocking out over 4,000 words on my current work in progress, while Terry did some bookkeeping, laundry, and other chores she wanted to get out of the way. She also made a delicious dinner of roasted pork tenderloin and baked potatoes. The meat was so tender it almost melted in our mouths.

About 10:30 p.m. I stopped working on the new book to write the blog, spent some time checking e-mail, and popped into my online writer’s group for a while to see what the folks there were up to. Several people have invited us to dinner while we’re in town, but we have so many commitments on the time we have here already that I’m afraid we won’t be able to squeeze much else in.

One of the things I get asked a lot is if we are ever going to hold another Gypsy Gathering RV rally. As I said when we decided to simplify our schedule, if we do, it will be a much less formal event. We may decide to have a get together at a campground someplace and have a few seminars, sit around a campfire and swap lies, and share a few laughs. But the days of getting up before dawn and getting to bed long after midnight, and running on adrenalin all day long are behind us. We’re just getting too darned old for all that, and it stopped being fun a long time ago. Terry and I have discussed doing something down the road sometime, but one concern is that we would disappoint people who come expecting the type of event we used to put on. I do miss giving seminars and we do miss getting together with everybody, but we sure love this more relaxed lifestyle we’re still adapting to!

Here’s an interesting bit of news. According to an article in Tech Time, it looks like with the latest update, owners of Nook e-book readers will be able to access the Google Play store for apps, music, movies and books, including the Kindle app, making it possible to buy and read read Kindle books on a Nook. I’ve wondered all along when there would be a standardized e-book format that would work for all e-book readers. Maybe with this, Barnes & Noble is making the first step in that direction.

Thought For The Day – A positive, cheerful attitude won’t solve all of your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.

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  1. Winds have been strong for us in the southwest throughout this calendar year.
    Enough already!

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