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May 232013

Yesterday was a stay at home and work day, which was just as well because I was a bit under the weather and didn’t really feel like going anywhere. I managed to get quite a bit accomplished on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, which will occupy most of my working hours for a while until it’s finished.

While I was busy with that, Miss Terry was busy with the never-ending bookkeeping chores. Sometimes I think it takes as much or more effort to keep track of our customers and their orders as it does to actually write the books and guidebooks we publish, and the stories for the paper and putting it all together. For years I did that chore, and got further and further behind on it. Last year Terry took it over and worked very hard to get everything up to date and keep it there. This truly is a team effort by the two of us, and believe me, I may be the fat guy, but I know who really carries the weight around here.

Speaking of our guidebooks, in answer to customer demand, a couple of days ago I formatted our Guide To Free Campgrounds & Overnight Parking Spots for the Amazon Kindle and within 24 hours it had risen to the number one spot on Amazon for Kindle e-books in the Travel/Parks/Campgrounds category.

On the subject of RV publications, the RV Business website has announced that the Good Sam Club will stop publishing their Highways magazine on a monthly basis and instead include it as a quarterly insertion in Trailer Life and MotorHome magazines.

The narrator for the audiobook edition of Big Lake has uploaded the first six chapters to Audible.com, and I downloaded them yesterday so I can start reviewing them. If everything goes as planned, the audiobook should be available sometime in mid-July. I’m looking forward to trying this new avenue of distributing my books.

About 6:30 we drove over to my daughter Tiffany’s house to visit with her and the girls before their bedtime, then made a quick stop at Safeway on the way home. Why do stores have a dozen or more employees on duty, but only one or two checkout lines open, while customers stand in line waiting to get out of the place? It’s always been a mystery to me.

I had been sniveling because, after making a delicious batch of her cinnamon rolls the other day, Miss Terry made me share them with her parents and our friends Jimmy and Lyle. I only got two out of them! Folks, I’m just not that generous. But never underestimate the power of positive sniveling; when we got back home she made up a new batch to bake this morning, and I’m going to guard these puppies with my shotgun!

While she was doing that, I posted an interview with RV and romance author Charlie Minshall to my self-publishing blog. Charlie is one of my heroes, and when we were researching the RV lifestyle we read all of her books about her adventures as a solo fulltimer. Check out Charlie’s interview and get to know this fun lady yourself.

Thought For The Day – Never make a decision when you are angry and never make a promise when you’re happy.

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