Wormy Apples

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Apr 162013

As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, we needed to find out if we could move to Countryside RV Resort for two weeks or if we would have to go to Plan B, since our month here at Patio Gardens is up today. As it turns out, we’re staying with Plan A.

I called Thousand Trails yesterday morning to see if we could get the same $3/day deal Greg and Jan White are getting and the reservation agent said no, it would be $23 a night. I asked why we can’t get the lower price, since our membership has more bells and whistles than theirs, and she put me on hold for a minute, then said that we were entitled to the same deal after all. That’s why I never take the first no for an answer when dealing with companies. So this morning we’ll move. Since it’s less than six miles, we won’t bother hooking the Explorer up to our tow bar, Terry will drive it. And for such a short move, we won’t have to pack things away as carefully as we do for a real trip. It’s supposed to be windy today, so I’m glad we don’t have far to go.

My Apple has a worm in it! As I wrote a couple of days ago, somebody new from the Apple store in Mishawaka, Indiana, where we bought our iMacs, has been communicating with me about the ongoing problems with my computer. We talked on the phone yesterday and she arranged for me to take the computer to the Apple store at San Tan Village in Gilbert at 3 p.m.

We arrived about 20 minutes early and they were waiting for us and got to work diagnosing it immediately. Taylor, the young man working with us, uninstalled the Parallels program that seemed to be part of the problem, and then got the Administrator password problem resolved. Then he started trying to figure out why the CD/DVD drive would not work. And, of course, after not working for months it worked fine for him! Kind of like taking your car to the mechanic for a problem and he can’t duplicate it when you get there. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), the next time he tried the drive it wouldn’t work. So he decided to keep the machine for a few days and delve deeper into my list of problems. Hopefully he can get things back on track for me.

When we left the Apple store, we walked across the street to Barnes & Noble and browsed for awhile, but couldn’t find anything we wanted as much as we did our money, so left without buying anything. We drove over to Countryside to check out our assigned site, and then picked up Greg and Jan and took them to #1 Eastern Super Buffet, our favorite Chinese buffet in the country. We’ve told them about this place for years and were happy that they seemed to like it as much as we do.

Back at home, we watched some of the horror from Boston, checked e-mail and relaxed until bedtime. We’re still recharging our batteries from the last couple of stressful weeks.

Thought For The Day – Living well is the best revenge.

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  1. Just F.Y.I., I found the people at the Apple store in Mishawaka, Indiana to be very helpful. They tried very hard to solve my problem with my fairly new (at that time, last June) I-phone, but Apple, Inc. was no help at all. I-tunes had charged $39 to my credit card but absolutely and totally refused to tell me what it was for! The people at the Apple store in Mishawaka called them and spent an hour or so trying to help, but to no avail. I-Tunes was my problem, but Mishawaka store employees did their best to help.

  2. You are so right on dealing with companies…if no is the answer, call back, get a different rep and you may be set!! Or ask to speak to the supervisor…of course, some just put you on hold as was the case last time I was dealing with Amazon…so while I waited that hour, I found what I wanted elsewhere online and ordered it there and hung up!! Then I called them back later to tell them I had gone elsewhere and why!! But if we did not have a million extra hours, being retired, then when would we have TIME to deal with such stuff?? We do live in a world gone completely mad!!

  3. Good luck with that Computer issue. I was dealing with issues a few months ago ended up just buying a new machine. The bad part is getting it all set up again, takes days Arrrgh.

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