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Apr 092013

The weatherman had been predicting a cooling trend with heavy winds across Arizona yesterday and he sure didn’t lie! The breeze was stiff all morning, and about noon it really began to pick up. I was glad we didn’t have our big patio awning out!

The wind increased all afternoon and the news was reporting sustained winds of 35-40 miles per hour, with gusts up to 60. News footage warned of dust storms and showed pictures of eighteen wheelers blown over on their sides. I’m glad I wasn’t out on the highway in my motorhome! Nothing blew over here at Patio Gardens, but the palm trees were really bouncing around!

Palm trees

It was worse further north, where they not only had wind, but snow! I’m glad we haven’t gone up to Show Low to see my daughter and her family yet! This kid don’t do snow any more!

Terry left with her mom about 8 a.m. to pick up her dad at the Mayo Clinic hospital, but there was a delay and they didn’t get home until 5 p.m. Pete sure is glad to be home, and we’re glad to have him there!

I spent most of the day writing and got several articles done for the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. I need to learn some self-discipline. After every issue is done, I vow that I will write one or two stories a week for the next one so that there won’t be a big rush at deadline time, but I get busy with other projects and never get around to doing it.

I did take a few short breaks to check and respond to my e-mail and to listen to a few new audio book auditions. One e-mail was from a fellow genealogist who found me on A while back I submitted a DNA sample to Amazon and every so often I get updates saying somebody else has a match that could make us third or fourth cousins, and this fellow was one of them. It’s strange, I’ve had a couple of dozen folks contact me like this seeking family history information, which I am happy to supply. But I’ve only had one ever respond in kind with their info. Does this mean that once they get my stuff they decide I’m the black sheep of the family and want to avoid me?

Another e-mail was from a 62 year old blog reader and wannabe fulltimer who is faced with a dilemma. He said that between his retirement and Social Security, if he applies to start drawing it now, he and his wife can afford to begin fulltiming. But he is being urged to wait five years so the monthly payout will be larger. He also added that he has had two heart attacks, and though he isn’t currently having any problems, he isn’t sure what things will be like down the line. My advice to him was to take the money and run. None of us are promised tomorrow and I’ve known far too many people who waited to live their dreams and never lived long enough to follow them. That’s why we hit the road in our mid-40s. We’re not retired, and probably never will be, but we’re sure enjoying every day of our lives!

Thought For The Day – Nobody is responsible for your happiness but you.

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  11 Responses to “Windy!”

  1. Amen, Nick, your advice was right on, in my book. None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, let alone a full and healthy retirement. That’s why my husband and I full timed in our forties and early fifties, while we were younger and healthier. My husband is now on disability for COPD at age 55 and I am back to work full time, but we have no regrets about hitting the road when we did. We may have another chance to live that dream in the future but if not, we will be glad that we took the opportunity to see the country. And your book, “Meandering Down the Highway”, was one of our inspirations!

  2. If you ever do learn that self-discipline thing, maybe you could teach me. Nah, it would just complicate things.
    We all know someone who waited too long to follow their dream. Sage advice. Do it now. Carpe diem.

  3. Well Nick, just because you share some DNA similarities, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are people you might want to meet. Now if you were fabulously wealthy perhaps these 3rd and 4th cousins would respond, but then you of course would have a different problem.

  4. J. Paul Getty was once asked, “How much money do you wnat to make?” He answered, “Just a little bit more.”
    I hope they have to pry the steering wheel out of my cold dead hands and not the keys ot my business.

  5. Right on Judy.

  6. Good advice Nick. The reason they want you to wait (with the promise of more money) is that most people will draw MORE in the long run by taking their social security at 62. I’ve seen this happen over and over. Live your life in the here and now.

  7. You are so right as usual, we have heard this also and the ones wanting them to wait are usually the children who want them to have more money, not necessarily for themselves but for the kids. We are happy spending their inheritance and having a ball doing it. Hope we have many more years to be this free and happy

  8. I agree with you, Nick. Hubby has had worsening health, diabetes wise, etc. and we decided to take the early retirement in hopes to extend his life longer!! Only been since last May, so not sure yet, if it will work…but life has been just super…though less money…since!! We hope to manage to survive without going back to work!!! These last 5 months have been the best of our married life too!! So we say too…go for it NOW!! You probably get heart attacks from stress…

  9. Retire ASAP. Take the money and run. No one know how many years they have left and with 2 heart attacks this guy need to get out and enjoy the rest of his life. Yes, if you wait you MIGHT get more money in the long run from social security. BUT what if there is NO long run? We retired at 49 and 55. I have since then had breast cancer twice and now have heart damage due to the chemo I had to take. I am SO GLAD we retired early. We are still going strong but for several years during the cancer scares it was the pits.I LOVE each day and I’m enjoying the rest of my life on this earth as long as I can. Tell this guy to get on the road NOW !!!!!!!

  10. Hey everyone knows how much money they have. Just not how long they got to spend it. Words of wisdom from Wisconsin. Enjoy your blog and feedback and good news on Terrys Dad.

  11. Yep, been getting my smaller SS check since 2K. Lucky me. Cousin in Ypsilanti worked w/HomelandSec until 67 and retired May 31, 2011. Died June 24, 2011. Doubt if he ever drew a SS check or HS check; but if he did his heirs probably had to pay it back.

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