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Apr 122013

Like most of us, I have two lists, my Bucket List and my To Do list. The Bucket List holds all of the things I want to do in my life and it’s pretty long, because every time I cross something off I find a thing or two or twelve to add to it. I still have not caught a fish from my Sea Eagle kayak or off a pier in salt water, I haven’t taken a ferry to Alaska, or performed a standup comedy act. And I think I’m going to have to delete that one with Meg Ryan. I just don’t see it happening.

Then there’s my To Do list. While the Bucket List holds things I want to do, my To Do List is filled with things I need to do. It’s a long one too, because there are some things on there I that I really have no interest in or am just too lazy to get around to. But there are some things I plan to get to now that I have the new issue of the Gypsy Journal finished, except for having Terry proof it and making any last minute corrections.

One of the things I’m really looking forward to is getting back to work on my next book. Big Lake Blizzard, released last week, is selling well, and I’d like to be able to turn out at least two more books this year, and hopefully, three.

I also need to get familiar with the Rand McNally TripMaker 7710 GPS I bought last winter. It’s still sitting in the box and we have been using our Garmin 465 Trucker GPS . The Garmin is a fine unit for anybody driving a big rig, but the Rand McNally GPS is supposed to have even more features especially designed for RV owners.

Cleaning and organizing our storage bays is also on my To Do List, but before I do that I need to install new lift support struts so I won’t bang my head. I guess I should add installing them to my To Do list.

Another chore on my list is replacing the Winnebago’s windshield wiper blades. I think I’ll order a set of the Denso wiper blades from Amazon. Greg White bought some recently and seems to be happy with them. We hope to travel up to the Pacific Northwest this summer, so it’s a pretty sure bet we’ll get rained on somewhere along the way.

I’m sure that Miss Terry thinks cleaning and organizing my desk drawers should be on my To Do List, but what she sees as a mess is actually a carefully organized form of chaos (there’s an oxymoron for you) and I’d never get anything done if I could find things when I need them. Sorting through the piles of paper, tangled cords, dry ink pens, paper clips, and other junk in my drawers is part of the creative process for me. That’s the story I tell Terry anyway, and so far she’s bought it.

Thought For The Day – Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.

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  10 Responses to “My To Do List”

  1. I’ve heard you do a stand up comedy act (at one of your rallies) so don’t be so hard on yourself.

  2. I agree Mary Anne as I have played straight man for him -unvoluntarily of course- a time or two. Scratch that one off Nick

  3. I’ll be interested to hear your take on the Rand McNally 7710.

    We switched from Garmin to RMN last spring and it was an interesting transition. I kept wanting the 7710 to behave like the Garmin — which it doesn’t. Once I stopped expecting a horse to act like a dog I found I liked the 7710 as much as the Garmin but for different reasons.

    The RV specific tools are very helpful. Occasionally the route is a bit unexpected, but that seems to be due to weight restrictions or other details not so easily anticipatable when looking at a map.

    We have found a few misplaced POI’s — 1 Corps of Engineers campground misplaced, a couple RV shops not where they were supposed to be, etc. With our Garmin we had issues of POI’s no longer being in existence, so on par I think they balance out about the same.

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    Peter Pazucha dot Com
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  4. I agree you do a great stand up comic thing,so scratch that one off. we used the new RV GPS for the first time going to our son’s wedding, we really liked the way it worked, Mike especially like the way it highlights curves and construction areas will also save some folks from the county mounties as it give speed changes a few miles down the road and then repeats several times Be safe

  5. Nick
    I bought the Rand McNally TripMaker 7720 GPS awhile back and just used it the other week for a short trip (140 miles) and I was very impressed with it. With the big screen and the screen changing for turns. We also have the Garmin 465 Trucker GPS and have used it for over a year now and I like the Rand McNally better now I have used it.
    Travel safe and have fun.

  6. The very best time to do the Northwest is August, September and even October. Much less rain. We NEVER planned a trip before July 15th because of the rain. Just a suggestion!!!

  7. I agree with everyone that you can scratch off the comedy act. And as for the strut thing since it involves a screw driver that’s on Terri’s to do list not yours. So go play with the GPS or start writing again.

  8. I’ve been in your stand up comedy act a time or two!

  9. Regarding the Pacific Northwest …we spent most of this week lining up August in Oregon…making reservations…( we don’t stay at your membership parks) and we rarely were able to reserve our first choice in date or park . I just thought I would mention this because April is usually soon enough to make these plans…and we’re only spending some of the time at the coast. Enjoyed your thought for the day.

  10. Good luck with Rand , mine has never worked as intended, battery does not hlod a charge, low bridge warning after crossing the bridge (in my jeep), going down I-17 from Flag warning of steep down grade on the way down.
    Sorry but my Garmin works, yes it has some issues, but 1000% better than Rand!!!!
    Will consider a 465, my puter frend will help me load it with more POI;s….
    Looking forward to your evaluation of RAND!!!!


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