Bad Neighbors

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Apr 222013

The great thing about the fulltime RV lifestyle is that if we don’t like the neighbors or the neighborhood, we can always move. And we’ve done it a few times over the years. Why stay someplace you don’t like, or where the people next door irritate you?

Unfortunately, not everybody has that luxury. This is what my daughter-in-law Geli found when she went out to her car yesterday morning. She and Travis live in an apartment complex and whoever hit her car left without leaving a note or anything. What a rude jerk!


That’s why I like dogs more than a lot of people I’ve met in my lifetime. They have a lot more class. Well, except for those yappy little ones. Could your dog be the star of a book cover? My friend Carol Ann Newsome, who writes the Dog Park Mysteries is looking for a model for her next book cover. Click this link to check out the announcement on Carol Ann’s website. And besides your mutt winning fame and fortune as a canine model, if your pet is chosen, you’ll receive an oil painting of him or her. How cool is that?

Of course, not everybody is a dog person. Some people like cats, but don’t ask me why. But whatever kind of critter you favor, my friend Mike Meyer just released a moving true story of love and loss, and finding one’s way through the darkness to the light again. It’s called The Three Kitties That Saved My Life, and at only $1.49 it’s a darned good read. I downloaded a copy the minute I heard it was available.

For as long as we’ve known them, Greg and Jan White have told us how great Rudy’s Bar-B-Q in Texas is. Of course, being from Texas, they think everything is better there. Rudy’s has expanded to Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, so yesterday we checked out their location in Chandler.

This place is very informal, you stand in line to order your food, they give it to you on a waxed butcher paper, and you sit at long tables family style. Greg likes really hot food and has never found a barbecue sauce yet that’s quite hot enough, but I’m a civilized man with civilized tastes (or a wimp, according to Greg). No problem, they had a barbecue sauce just for me!

BBQ bottle

The food was delicious and it was well worth the trip! It definitely gets added to our Favorite Restaurants guide!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I have uploaded all four of my Big Lake mysteries to Barnes & Noble for Nook readers, and they are now live and available for download. Several people have already e-mailed to say they bought them and are having a good time reading. As always, thank you for your support. All I do is put the words on the computer screen. It’s all of you who make the books successful.

Somebody on Facebook said something about me retiring the other day, but I told them that I couldn’t because I’ve got all these voices in my head telling me stories and they just won’t shut up. And yes, I know there are probably meds that could help that, but I’ll pass. Sometimes those voices are the only friends I have.

Thought For The Day – Walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes. Don’t try to make sense of it, just trust that little inner voice inside of your head.

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  6 Responses to “Bad Neighbors”

  1. Just finished Blizzard last night. OK, that one’s the best so far. Next? I’m waiting…patiently. Seriously, that is one great book. Review will be posted ASAP. And waiting, and waiting!

  2. You are so right about dogs!!! They are indeed the finest of loyal friends!! We lost our last one in Dec. 2010…miss her a great lot STILL!! She was such a joyful creature and full of funny antics always making us laugh!! What human in life has such constantcy as a dog?? Never found one quite like a dog in that respect yet!!

    Always gives me a laugh reading what goes on with you and Greg!!

  3. Thanks Barry, glad you liked it

  4. Someone hit our DIL car about month ago and id the very same damage. Do you think we have “serial bumper ripper offer”? Didn’t leave a note either.

    We love Rudy’s and stop whenever we see one. Wish they would arrive here in Wisconsin.

    Gotta go. I am reading this fabulous book by Nick Russell!

  5. Thank you for mentioning my newly published THE THREE KITTIES THAT SAVED MY LIFE. I really appreciate the nod my way, Nick. Thanks again!

  6. I have just finished the first book of this series…………..!!!! I started reading it last night…. Couldn’t put it down… Finally just had to shut the computer off…. But back on it the next day………. until its was done….. Full of suspense as everyone seemed to be the unknown killer…… If you haven’t gone after these your the one missing out…!

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