A Slower Day

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Apr 072013

After the last hectic, emotion draining week, yesterday was slower paced, which was just what we needed. Having been up very early every day, including at 3 a.m. Friday morning to be at the hospital for her dad’s surgery, Miss Terry said she wanted to sleep in, so that’s what we did. Then, when we did wake up, we spent another hour or so laying in bed snuggling and talking. These are our favorite times together and we cherish them.

When we did get up, we spent some time checking e-mail, reading a couple of our favorite blogs, and reading the online news to see who we’re at war with this week. Is it just me, or does North Korea’s Kim Jong-un remind you of Han Lee, the restaurant owner on the sitcom Two Broke Girls, having a bad day?

In the early afternoon we drove about 45 miles to the Mayo Clinic hospital to visit Terry’s dad. As we were walking across the parking lot we ran into Terry’s sister Dani, who was just leaving after her visit. Pete is doing well, and they even had him up and walking down the halls a couple of times! He said the only discomfort he had was the drain tube still in his lung. It sure was good to see him recovering so well!

We stayed at the hospital until Pete appeared to be tiring and then decided to leave so he could rest. He told Bess, Terry’s mom, to go home too so she could get some rest, and the three of us walked out to the parking lot together.

On the way home we went back to Half Price Books to get the two writing reference books I didn’t buy the day before and I found two more so I grabbed them, too!

About then we realized that we were both famished and Chinese food sounded really good. I called Greg White, who agreed with me. So they met us at our place and from there we went to JM Chinese Restaurant for dinner.

As always, the food was excellent and the company even better. Toward the end of our meal a couple approached our table and the man told Greg and me that he enjoyed reading our blogs every morning. They were Jim and Norma Miget, former fulltime RVers for nine years, and we had a brief chat with them. This happens to Terry and me often, but not so much Greg and Jan, I guess. After they left, Greg asked me if that meant they were now famous or infamous. I told him yes.

Back at home, I wrote a new Bad Nick blog titled A Message From God and we spent the evening just relaxing, a slow paced ending to a slow paced day. We need some more like that.

Thought For The Day – Trying to be happy by accumulating things is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body.

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