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Apr 082013

Yesterday we drove back to the Mayo Clinic hospital to see Terry’s dad and he was sitting up in a chair looking great. We are all very pleased with his recovery and it looks like he may get to come home today. The world looks so much brighter than it did just a few days ago!

We were low on gas, so I stopped to fill the Explorer’s tank, noting the $3.65 a gallon sign. But when I started to pump it the price changed to $3.75. That’s when we noticed the small print on the sign that said Cash Only. No problem, I put in enough to get me to another station comfortably and left. You’ve got to watch those sneaky signs!

On the way home we stopped at the grocery store and while Terry was inside, I admired this beautiful old 1965 Mustang convertible that was parked next to me.

Mustang convertible front

Mustang convertible rear

I love classic cars and have always considered myself lucky to have started driving back in the muscle car days when gas was 29 cents a gallon. Over the years I’ve had a lot of very nice old cars and trucks, including a couple that won trophies in car shows. These have included a couple of classic Corvettes and something like 16 or 18 vintage Mustangs. When we got ready to hit the road I owned a ’69 Corvette, a ’58 Chevy pickup that was a consistent trophy winner, and two ’66 Mustangs. They are my favorite car of all time and look almost identical to this ’65. Eventually the lady who owned the car came out and I complimented her on her nice ride before she drove away.

Mustang convertible

Do you have any favorite cars from the 50s, 60s and 70? Ones you wish you had hung on to?

Back home Terry made a roast in her Breville toaster oven. She says she doesn’t know how she could cook without it, since we don’t have a regular oven in our Winnebago. She likes the Breville much better than the microwave/convection oven that came in our motorhome. In fact, she likes it so much that we gave her Mom a Breville last year, and she’s now a fan, too.


Wow, my readers are the best! I released Big Lake Blizzard on Monday evening and by yesterday evening it had over 350 sales on Amazon. And that doesn’t count sales on Smashwords.com for Nook and other e-book readers! Thank you for your support and for telling others about my books.

I’ve gotten behind schedule on finishing the new issue the last couple of days, so it’s time for me to get my nose back to the grindstone and get it done.

Thought For The Day – Nobody ever went blind looking at the bright side of things.

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  14 Responses to “A Brighter World”

  1. My favorite old car is the: 1955 Oldsmobile Holiday 88 2 Door Hardtop, Ivory & Blue. I also like the 56-57 models, but not as much as the 55. Great car. Wish I could have afforded one those many years ago and now I saw one for sale for only $25,000. Still can’t afford one.

    Glad to hear your father-in-law is doing well.

  2. 1967 Corvette, sold it for my first oval track race car. Loved that car but it gave me the way to a 31 yr. hobby of racing cars. That being said, not sure which car I liked the best now, as there was several modified oval track race cars also.

  3. Spent 4 yrs at Williams AFB Chandler Az. in the 50’s driving a 55 & 57 chevys while I worked part time at FULL SERVICE gas stations pumping that 29 cent gas.
    Remembering when Apache Junction only had 3 buildings at the cross road to Apache lake.
    Oh, How things have changed…

  4. I have two favorite cars from my past (plus my current 2006 Mustang). My first two cars hold a special place in my heart. My first car was a 1947 Plymouth Coupe Deluxe. It was baby blue and had suicide doors and a backseat that you could hold a party in! And I did.

    My second car was a Thunderbird Station Wagon…maybe 1961 or ’62. I bought it from my dad when the Plymouth finally died. I know, I know, Ford never made a Thunderbird Station Wagon…I now understand they were custom made. I didn’t know that at the time. It was black with red interior and had something like a 390 cu. inch V-8. Without any weight in the back, I could burn the tread completely off a set of tires (yeah, I was young and dumb then). But I sure wish I had it now.

  5. 1957 light blue chevy convertible. Oh the many times I wish I still had that car.

  6. I had a ’66 Mustang convertible for a while. Not a muscle car, but a great main street cruising vehicle. Sold it to a collector for too little, but I know he took good care of it.

  7. A 1957 Chevy tuck & rolled but our 1969 Jaguar we owned while stationed in England back in the 70’s would have loved to have brought it back with us but it was left hand drive and to bring it up to American safety standards was out of the question on a Tsgt pay

  8. I had a 1960 Pontiac Bonneville convertible that was really cool. Wish I had it today.

  9. Nick,
    Having read all four of your Big Lake mysteries now, I have to say that while they were all excellent the newest one, Big Lake Blizzard, is the best of the best. You paint such a vivid word picture that I feel like I know everybody in town and can’t wait to get back for another visit.

  10. Man how I loved my 66 Mustang Fastback! 289 V-8, auto tranny and fast! When I bought it when I came home from Vietnam in 1967, it only had 1200 miles on the odometer. It earned me a few tickets and some points against my license for sure! I drove it for four years, and by then I had a wife and a baby on the way and we traded it in on a Vega stationwagon, of all things! What I wouldn’t give to have that car back!

  11. I did lust after a Mustang Fastback, but never had one. I did have and love a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda, which was a hot, hot car. What I wouldn’t give to have it today! Of course, I doubt I could handle that strong clutch these days.

  12. Just finished the Blizzard and as usual it was great! I don’t do social networking to give the books a rating but I do tell a lot of people about you. I’ve been put on alert by a couple of non RVers (they don’t read your blog) to keep them posted when a new book comes out.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Larry: I had the same car. What a great automobile it was. I was not one for dragging, but the guy in the same off-campus house in DeKalb, IL had a souped up 47 Mercury and wanted to race me. My roommate swore that I would win if I floored the Olds in Low and did not shift. He said the tranny would shift when it needed to.

    He was a rich kid and promised me he’d pay for a new tranny if it blew up. I won the race, the tranny was fine, but the guy down the hall was crestfallen.

    I wish I still had that car. It cost me $800 in 1960 and it was a low-mileage cream puff. And it was a chick magnet. Or maybe it was me :). Hah.

  14. Dave from PA…..you made me google Thunderbird Station Wagons. Wow–quite a few were custom made & look great. Thanks.

    Nick: Glad f-i-l is doing great. cc

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