This Is A Bad Day

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Mar 102013

We all have bad days from time to time. We wake up grumpy, step on the cat’s tail, burn the toast, and it all goes downhill from there. It happens, and all you can do is move on. I always try to remember that no matter how bad my day is going, there are probably a lot of other folks who would gladly trade places.

The next time your day is going bad, just take a look at the predicament these folks are in and you might be grateful for your little problems. I don’t have any details on this picture except that somebody posted it on Facebook and said it was on one of the RVing forums.


It kind of reminds me of the time I got our MCI bus conversion stuck on a hill in Bremerton, Washington years ago. I proved that you can drive a bus up a hill that is steep enough that your front tires are on the ground and your rear bumper is buried on the pavement, but your drive wheels are off the ground. I also proved that while you can drive yourself into that predicament, you can’t drive back out of it. That requires the assistance of a very, very large wrecker, several police officers to direct traffic, a haz-mat crew to clean up the 36 gallons of antifreeze that pours out when the wrecker snags your bottom heater hose, a host of curious onlookers, and the news media.


Fortunately for us, yesterday was a very good day. My son Travis and his wife Geli took us on a tour of the countryside west of Tuscaloosa. We stopped at a couple of interesting small towns, where we introduced the kids to geocaching. If you are not familiar with geocaching, it is the prefect hobby for RVers. Basically it is using $10 million government satellites to find Tupperware hidden in the woods. Terry can’t get me to go for a walk, let alone a hike, but stick a GPS in my hand and tell me there’s a cache hidden somewhere and I’ll cover miles looking for it. Check out this article I wrote a while back to learn more about geocaching.

I didn’t have my GPS with me, but using the geocaching app on my Droid Razr Max smart phone, we managed to find seven caches, ranging from micros to traditional size. Miss Terry is great at spotting the hard to find caches, and she found the first few. But then Travis and Geli each found one, which made them feel pretty good. Travis is now hooked and I’m pretty sure we have a new convert to the hobby.

Today is our last day in Tuscaloosa, and I’m sure we’ll do some more sightseeing, and even more important, spend some more time with my son and his pretty wife. Geli is a real sweetheart. Smart, down to earth, and completely dedicated to Travis. He’s darned lucky to find someone like her, and being a dad, I let him know it.

It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for another indie author interview on my self-publishing blog. This week I’ll be introducing you to the talented Brandon Hale, one of the nicest people I’ve met since becoming involved in publishing on Amazon. Check out Brandon’s interview, and then check out his Day Soldiers series.

Thought For The Day – When a person is down and out, an ounce of help is better than a pound of preaching.

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  1. Hey Nick, you found the pic on my Facebook page and I found it on the heartland forum where a gentleman stated he saw this at a campground he frequents. I felt bad for the poor guy and remembered your bus story along the same lines…lol.

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