Six Chihuahuas To Go

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Mar 012013

Okay, I have a confession to make. I know that I pick on French poodles a lot, because the only things French I like are fries, toast, and kisses. Not necessarily in that order. But the truth is, poodles are not my least favorite dogs. There are a couple of poodles I can even tolerate, and don’t tell anybody, but I’ve been known to pat Odie of Geeks on Tour fame when nobody’s looking. (Forget it, Hillbilly, I’m not petting those damn dogs of yours, and I’m not their uncle!)

No, my least favorite dogs are Chihuahuas. I only pick on poodles instead because I can’t spell Chihuahua. It’s as bad as trying to spell Albuquerque. At least poodle rhymes with noodle, and I like noodles! But what the hell does Chihuahua rhyme with?

Yeah, I know the Taco Bell Chihuahua from those old television commercials was cool, but he retired and moved back to Guadalajara (hey, I spelled that one right the first time!). I don’t think I can say the same thing about people from Mexico that I do the French, because that would not be politically correct and you all know how important being PC is to me.

Anyway, the reason for this long discourse isn’t only because I don’t have anything else to write about, but also because I am going somewhere with all of this.

Apparently everybody who saw the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua a while back decided that they needed to rush out and buy at least one of these oversize rats, and now there are many more Chihuahuas than there are homes for them. So there are a lot of very caring animal lovers who are involved in Chihuahua rescue. While I applaud their efforts, I’ve made somebody angry because I don’t care to participate.

When I wrote in the blog a while back that we plan to take Interstate 20 across Texas, she contacted me to ask a favor. It seems that she is very involved in the rescue program and she needs to get six Chihuahuas to Texas and asked if we would take them to Abilene, where their new owner(s) would meet us to pick them up. When I declined, it irked her. She can’t seem to understand what the problem is, all we’ve got to do is pull off the highway and meet the person(s) picking the dogs up. And they will be in cages.

I’m sorry, even if I liked Chihuahuas, taking six dogs across the country isn’t my idea of fun. It’s not just driving, it’s also walking them, feeding them, watering them, and taking care of them. We don’t want all of that responsibility and hassle, even if that does make us seem selfish. Besides which, we’re not going directly across country, we plan to stop and see my son in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and also to stop in Vicksburg along the way. And did I mention that I don’t like Chihuahuas?

Why doesn’t anybody ever ask me to haul six strippers across the country?

Thought For The Day – Don’t handicap your children by making their lives easy. – Robert A. Heinlein

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  13 Responses to “Six Chihuahuas To Go”

  1. That last line is priceless… ha ha

  2. I am still trying to imagine you with 6 strippers. You are too funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  3. If you had the Chihuahuas, the strippers, and an Alpaca for Terry the blog posts would basically write themselves.

  4. I like your “thought for the day” almost as much as your blog. You have some GOOD ones. Today is a perfect one for my step-children, but sadly it’s too late.

  5. Say Russ ..
    I got 6 floor strippers that need to get to Az, sometime soon ,,,you mine dropping them off in ajo
    Rats I forget Ms Terry won’t let you play with tools

  6. What would Sheriff Weber do?

  7. Long time reader, first time I can’t stop my fingers from leaving a comment.
    We love dogs, but in one of our favorite Texas RV parks we have learned to ask for a site in a “chihuahua-free zone”. :-/

  8. Frankly, asking someone to take six dogs across the country is a pretty big deal, and it’s really sad that the person who asked you got upset that you declined. You are right about what is needed; perhaps folks who are that into dogs don’t even realize what they’re asking.

  9. Hey Nick,

    Thanks for the offer on the strippers. Ya know – I aim to please and just happen to need six taken to New Mexico, and appreciate you stepping up to the plate. Just to give you a heads up so you will know how to address them – their names are Joe, Bob, Harry, Larry, Jim and John. Wait – Is that a big smile on Terry’s face?

  10. I’m with you on the Chihuahuas. When I was little my grandma had two of them and they were mean little suckers. They wouldn’t let any of us kids even get near her. Growled and snapped at anyone who even came close. Do you really think Ms. Terry would let you haul six strippers across the country unless maybe they were the guys mentioned above? 🙂

  11. I spent a year in college in an off-campus residence. The owners had several of those overgrown rats. I can’t spell the name either. Those dogs crapped and peed anywhere they wanted — except in our room. Nasty dogs in my book.

  12. Wow, some folks have a lot of nerve…whatever wouldn’t they ask you to do?? And six!! That is not just one!! Well, more fodder for your books eh?? Heh…just as well put some of those stories to some good use!!

  13. Chihuahuas are cool and all, but why the heck would someone get 6 of them knowing full well they can’t care for them all. People never cease to amaze!

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