Not Exactly A Volcano

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Mar 132013

As always seems to happen the night before we start out on a trip, Terry and I didn’t sleep well, getting about four hours at best. We’d have loved to roll over and gone back to sleep when morning came, but we had to get a move on.

We got the water and electric connections unhooked, the Explorer hooked up to our Blue Ox tow bar, did our light check, and pulled out of the Tuscaloosa Elks Lodge a little after 10 a.m. We got on Interstate 20 and followed it west 76 miles to the Mississippi state line. It was a good road and traffic was moderate, so an easy ride.

A few miles into Mississippi we stopped at the State Welcome Center to dump our holding tanks, since the Elks lodge did not have a dump station. And that’s when things turned to crap, literally.

At our Gypsy Journal rally in Yuma last year I bought a Camco Rhino sewer hose and I’ve been very impressed with it. It is fifteen feet long, but easily collapses into less than a third that length for easy storage, locks onto the motorhome’s drain outlet securely, and is a lot easier to use than other type hoses I have used over the years. Well, at least it was easier!


I pulled up to the dump station, hooked the hose up and stuck the other end in the dump inlet, then pulled the handle on our black tank. And what can only be described as a volcano erupted. Or at least a waterspout. Make that two waterspouts. Somehow between the time I stowed the hose away a week ago when we were leaving Three Flags in Wildwood, Florida and yesterday, the darned thing developed two lengthwise splits about 4 – 6 inches long. What a mess! Yuck.

We got things cleaned up and got back on the road, making good time in spite of the delay at the dump station. There were a few short construction zones and a couple of places where dips in the road made us feel like we were on a rollercoaster ride, but all in all it was a good ride.

About 3 p.m. we got off the highway and arrived at the Vicksburg Elks Lodge, where they have 30/50 amp power available for up to six motorhomes for $15/night. The parking is on grass, and there is no dump station, but there are water bibs on the side of the building. We are the only RV here and it’s nice and quiet.

Once we were hooked up and settled in, I got on Yelp looking for a place to eat and saw some good reviews for Billy’s Italian Restaurant, which is located in an outlet mall about five miles away.

How good can an outlet mall pizza joint be? As it turns out, excellent! The crust was perfect, not too thick and not too thin, and the toppings were delicious. The service was fast and friendly and our meal was a heck of a value. We had a large pepperoni and extra cheese, iced tea and Coke with free refills, and the bill came to $15.45. A heck of a deal! If we lived here, this would be my go to pizza place.

Today we’re going to play tourist and visit Vicksburg National Military Park to learn how this city played such a pivotal role in the Civil War. If time allows, there are a couple of other local attractions we want to take in while we’re here.

Thought For The Day – Sometimes when things look like they are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.

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  12 Responses to “Not Exactly A Volcano”

  1. I have had 2 of those sewer hoses. After leaving them hooked up in hot climates for a while, collapsing them and then opening them back up, both split like yours did. I will never buy another one.

  2. Thanks fella’s for the reviews on the Camco Rhino sewer hose.

  3. Nick,

    Remember how funny the “dump station” scene was in the movie RV, it’s NOT near as funny in real life, is it!

    I had a “crappy” experience dumping our tank a few years ago, the memory lingers on.

    After your and others experiences, I think that I’ll remove that Rhino hose from my want list.


  4. Nick; The next time that my husband wants to buy a Rhino, please try to talk him out of it.

  5. We all agree that our tires should be replaced at seven years to prevent blowouts.I think I will replace my sewer hose soon instead of waiting for a blowout. $20 well spent !!!

  6. I had the tank end connection become detached from the hose on my Rhino. It seems that they are just screwed on to the coil and with a few revolutions unwinding the hose they come loose. Now I always check both ends for tightness before I hook up. No Splits YET.

  7. I think every full time or even weekender have a problem with sewer hoses somewhere down the line, we use a masarator,(? spelling) and have had a problem with it. Not as bad as what yours was but it made quite a mess. Safe travel my friends.

  8. I’ve had the same hose for about 6 years. It to has a number of links. I have found that u can’t step on them, as that will also cause them to leak…..

  9. Thanks I had seen that hose and was thinking of up grade but not after those reviews

  10. Don’t know if it is still open, but when we were there a couple of years back the local constabulary recommended LJ’s diner near the waterfront. Good southern cooking and very reasonable.

  11. I couldn’t believe it kept on happening to me, but after the third one having small pin hole leaks i’ve given up on the Camco Rhino. Any recomendation?

  12. Larry is very prudent. He always tests the sewer hose and connections with some gray water BEFORE he opens the black drain.

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