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Mar 052013

Terry had her last dental appointment yesterday and Dr. Hajek pronounced her officially finished and good to go. So that means that the time has come to go. This is our last day in Florida and Wednesday morning we’ll be hitting the road, heading for Arizona by way of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Yeah, I know that we can get on Interstate 10 right here in Florida and take it all the way to Phoenix, but driving in a straight line is no fun.

By the way. No, I did not buy a Porsche! When writing abut Terry’s dental work in yesterday’s blog, I said that “I know a couple of dentists and a Porsche salesman who are very happy we came to town.” Apparently somebody misinterpreted my attempt at humor and posted on Facebook that I bought a Porsche. Hell, after we paid those dentists off, I can’t even afford enough gas to fill a Porsche’s tank! Besides, I had a Porsche once and didn’t like it. I’d rather have a boat.

Today we have some last minute chores we need to get done to get ready to travel. Nothing major, just the routine pre-trip details like checking the oil, making sure our fresh water tank is full and our gray and black waste tanks are empty, and packing away all of the stuff we have dragged out during our four month stay here in Florida. I should also open up the Rand McNally TripMaker 7710 RV GPS unit I got from Phil May at TechnoRV a while back and get it set up. I planned to do that weeks ago, but never got around to it. Where does the time go?

Terry also has some laundry she wants to get done and some last minute bookkeeping chores she wants to wrap up. And I’ll finish the read-through of my new Big Lake novel and print out a copy for Terry to proofread.

As soon as I announced that I had finished writing my newest book I got e-mails from several people asking me to read, proofread, or edit their manuscripts. I’m sorry folks, as soon as I finish one project it’s time for me to start on another. I’ll never live long enough to get all of my own books written, let alone have the time to take on anyone else’s.

Speaking of books, I have to give a compliment to my author friend Russell Blake, though he certainly gets enough well deserved compliments already. I’m not really into shoot ’em up action/adventure books all that much, more for a lack of reading time and too many other books I want to get to than anything else. But I just finished reading Russell’s hit novel Jet because so many of my friends have talked about how good the series is. All I can say is “Wow, what a ride!” I read a lot and I’ve read some excellent authors over the years, including some of the best known names in the business, and Russell can stand up against the best of them. The story starts off fast and the action doesn’t stop until the last page. Well done, sir! I am now a confirmed fan. Check out Jet, it’s free on Amazon.

Thought For The Day – What this country needs is more unemployed politicians.

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  11 Responses to “No Porsche For Nick”

  1. You can have a Porsche. You still can’t have a boat.

  2. I can’t fit in a Porsche. I can fit in a boat.

  3. So glad you two will be on the road Wednesday. No offense but I really would like the weather to warm up in Florida.

  4. Sorry to see you go, but looking forward to the impending improvement in the weather down here in Florida after you go. 8^)
    We’ll be staying around until mid April (Cape Canaveral, St Augustine, Silver Springs, Cedar Key, Tallahassee) and will be looking forward to the warmer temps. 8^)

  5. A friend called his economy car a “Poor-sche”.

  6. We set up our RMcN 7710 so that the GPS “sits” on a block of foam on the dash with the mount attached to the side window. It’s a heavy unit so it will bounce. You can get Miss Terry to make you a sunshield or buy one from Rand as there will be times when you can’t see it. Finally, start doing the updates while you putter around. The first map upgrade takes a long time. Subsequent ones are faster. And download the user manual to PDF, preferrably on a tablet, so that Miss Terry can play with it while you are travelling. There are a LOT of features and sometimes you just gotta read the manual. Check out the Virtual Dashboard with 3 trip timers – very cool – I have one set for each day with auto reset and the others handle our trip. Page 37 in the manual.

  7. Time does fly by, but that is what is great about our lifestyle it doesn’t matter. just be safe and do not push it to much. Still hope to see you on your way to AZ.

  8. I have to agree with you on Jet. Started it yesterday at the laundromat and was so into the plot and realizing the neighborhood we were in, I thought at any minute I would have to start running. Great read. BTW you are a Vet kinda guy not a Porche guy remember.

  9. That’s why I’ve had two Vettes and only one Porsche, Barbara. I got it in a trade, kept it 24 hours and sold it to one of my employees.

  10. Wait a minute. Wasn’t that a movie? No Porsche for Older Men? Never mind.

    I’ve had a bunch of em, and loved my last two. But now, living in Mexico, it’s all about 4 wheel drive and Baja back roads.

    Glad you liked JET. Thanks for the mention. So far so good.

  11. The way I interpreted the Porsche comment was that with all of the money you paid the Dentist he could now afford to buy a Porsche.
    That is the way I felt a few years ago when I had some dental work done. I told the dentist, he thought I was kidding.

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