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Mar 042013

It was so cold yesterday that we never poked our noses outside all day long, and even inside with the heat pump and an electric space heater on, I was still chilly in my sweats and comfy Teepee Creeper slippers. Overnight temperatures were down below freezing and made that routine trip to the potty just before daylight a hurried affair. It’s supposed to slowly start warming back up today, and I have good news for the people of Florida – we plan to hit the road in a couple of days, so the weather should be warming up nicely about Thursday.

Since there was nothing else to do, I took advantage of the cold weather to work hard at it and finished my latest book, Big Lake Blizzard, last night. I’ll give it a quick read through and then Terry will proofread and edit it, and after that it will go to one of my beta readers. Meanwhile, Dale Roberts is working on the cover. I’m hoping the e-book version will be out within a couple more weeks. I hope you will all find it worth the wait.

I learned something from this project. I won’t give a projected release date on a new book in the future. I have several more books I’ll be writing, including at least two or three more in the Big Lake series, a couple of stand alone books, and maybe a second series. But books aren’t like newspapers, they don’t come to life on a schedule. I know there are some authors on Amazon who can crank out a book every month or six weeks, but I’m just not that prolific. The stories are inside my head wanting to get out, it’s just getting them from there to the keyboard.

On another note, I was talking to somebody the other day who was complaining about the cost of gas when he told me to hang on, he had dropped his bottle of water. When he came back I asked him what kind of water he drank and he said Evian. The last time I looked, Evian was going for over $26 for a case of 24 12 ounce bottles. That equals out to almost $6 a gallon! For water! And if you think that’s expensive, buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks! You’ll begin to think that gas and diesel are a bargain.

Terry has her final dental appointment today and I know she’s glad to be putting all of that behind her. It’s been a long process, but the good news is that she’s pleased with the results, and I know a couple of dentists and a Porsche salesman who are very happy we came to town.

Thought for The Day – My self-diagnosed case of Tourette’s Syndrome only seems to kick in when I’m stuck in traffic.

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  10 Responses to “It’s Done!”

  1. Nick, that is not Tourettes; it is AMS (Alligator Mouth Syndrome). I know, for I have suffered with all my life.

    Be careful on the road.


  2. Nick… The weather here in Arizona is ideal! Daytime temps in the high 70s & overnite lows in the 40s.

    Please stay in Florida!

  3. Congrats on finishing another book – I can’t wait to read it. I learned the same thing about giving myself a public deadline. I’ll never do that again.

  4. Good news about Terry. Your last line is soooo funny. I never laughed so hard for awhile. We were in a Big Lake Blizzard years ago so we drove down to Mesa.

  5. Funny Nick I thought you had “indoor” plumbing in that Rig!
    Then you wouldn’t have to “run” to the outhouse in the cold, cold Florilda weather.
    Tsk, tsk.

  6. Cannot wait until your book is on e-book, we have been waiting forever it seems for this latest book. I am with you on the bathroom run in the cold of night since Mike keeps our heater set very low at night, Glad Terry is through with the dentist and bet she is even prettier now if that is possible. When you leave please stay safe

  7. We are having perfect weather here in Pahrump, Nevada. In the 50’s last night and in the 70’s yesterday. Nick, I’m waiting to cross paths with you so I can buy your books in REAL BOOK FORM.

  8. Your Evian bottled water drinker is paying closer to $12 a gallon for his water. Even worse. A fellow RVer, Andy Baird, has an interesting article on his website, “Saving the Earth at 8 mpg.”

    He concludes this article with some startling information about bottled water.

  9. I hate to here you are leaving Florida, the weather here in southern Calif. has been great. But with us flying into Disney World next Monday, we will be looking forward to you taking the cold weather with you.

  10. Marlene, you can order printed copies from Amazon or directly from us. E-mail me at for prices and shipping details.

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