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Mar 232013

Miss Terry and I have what I would call an extraordinary marriage. Not only are we in love with each other, we are and have been best friends since the day we get together. The first thing we say to each other when we wake up in the morning is “I love you” and it’s the last thing we say at night before we fall asleep. Sure, we have our little tiffs now and then, but no matter how mad we may be at each other, we still say those I love you’s and we never forget that that’s the thing to remember, not the little irritations every couple occasionally has. We have even been accused of being co-dependent a time or two, because we love being together. When you see one of us, you’ll usually see the other.

Now, all that being said, there are times when Terry just needs to get away from me. And who can blame her? Heck, there are times when I wish I could get away from me! I just haven’t figure out how to yet.

Yesterday was one of those days. Terry wanted to catch up on some shopping, and felt like wandering through the Mesa Marketplace indoor swap meet while she was out. Neither activity appealed to me, and I knew she needed some time to herself, so I stayed home to write.

A while back I wrote that I had a new book idea bouncing around inside my head that just wouldn’t leave me alone, and while my newest Big Lake book is being proofed I started to work on it. In the last three days I’ve knocked out over 22,000 words and I have to say, I love it! It’s coming out of me so fast that I have to rush to keep up. It’s not like I’m thinking up the plot or trying to figure out what happens next – it’s all there, plot, dialogue, characters, setting. I’m just the vehicle getting it down on the computer screen. In fact, I told Miss Terry that it’s flowing so fast that I’m afraid that it’s a book I actually read someplace and I’ll be plagiarizing somebody else’s work.

I also worked on a couple of new projects. I updated our Gypsy Journal E-Book Store and got all twelve of my Amazon e-books listed on it. As I wrote in a blog a few days ago, the next step will be to set up an auto-responder to make all of our RV guides and our 7-in-1 e-books of free campgrounds, casino RV parking, RV dump stations, etc. available for immediate download when a customer orders them. I also plan to have my e-books available on the E-book Store formatted for the Nook. As it is now, you can buy most of them in Nook format on I am also investigating having them available as audio books. I really do need to clone myself!

Speaking of books, if you like a tale of high stakes and political intrigue, check out Jess Mountifields Sherdan’s Prophecy. It’s a science fiction novel with a gritty account of power that shows both the best and the worst of humanity.

Thought for The Day – I would prefer that you hurt me with the truth than comfort me with a lie.

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  1. Hey Nick – I put my books on Nook and Kobo yesterday and used a free ePub converter that worked perfectly. My neighbor has a Nook, so I was even able to check on her device to see how it looked. It is

  2. If Donna and ever get “accused” of be codependent I’ll say thank you or your just jealous. Two living together should be dependent on each other for love, trust and just being there. Take it as the ultimate compliment.

    Love you two

  3. Please let us know when the new “Big Lake” is out. I have the others and it’s hard to wait for the next one when it’s sooo close to being out!

  4. Terry has finished editing and proofing it and Chris is giving it a final read, Karen. I’m just as anxious as you are! 🙂

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