Hiding Out

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Mar 032013

The worst cold snap of the year has hit central Florida and we spent yesterday inside hiding out. It was down in the low 30s overnight and it doesn’t look any better for today and tonight.

It was a busy day. I spent part of it trying to resolve some of the issues with my iMac, and thanks to a tip from blog reader Neil Laubenthal I downloaded Google Chrome, which solved the problem of accessing websites with plug-ins that were being blocked by the Safari web browser. Unfortunately, Neil’s suggestions on how to deal with the password issue didn’t work. Hopefully, when we get to Arizona the Apple store in Tucson or one in the Phoenix area will be more helpful than they have been here in Florida.

Computer issues seem to be the current thorn in my side right now. I made several calls to Greg White, trying to figure out why one of our subscriber’s e-mails are not getting through to any of my e-mail addresses. I checked my inboxes, spam, and trash folders, and they never showed up anywhere. This has been an ongoing problem from just this one person and it has me baffled.

I also spent some time trying to convince a gentleman who recently subscribed to our digital edition that it is safe to open the link we send out to access the issue. His son-in-law has instructed him to never open any link or attachment from an e-mail, no matter who it’s from. This isn’t the first time this has come up; we’ve had at least three or four other digital subscribers who refuse to click the link we send out because they are afraid of getting a virus or having their identity stolen. I’m never sure what to say to them.

During the afternoon, Susan Pezzano came by and visited with us for a while. Susan and her husband Rod are new fulltimers who are enjoying their newfound freedom. And she said it was wonderful not to have a house and yard to care for anymore.

It was another good day for writing, and I got over 3,000 more words done on my new Big Lake mystery book. I had hoped to have it out by January, but sometimes life gets in the way. But I’m very, very close to wrapping it all up.

Not to be outdone, Bad Nick managed to get some work done too, posting a new Bad Nick blog titled That Spooky Middle Ground. Check it out and leave a comment.

And last, but certainly not least, I have a new self-publishing blog post today, featuring an interview with Shirley Bourget, a relatively new author friend of mine with an interesting background who has turned challenges into opportunities.

Thought For The Day – A lot of people who hate you for being different secretly wish they had the courage to be you.

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  1. Don’t you just love computers Nick? Sometimes I like to think way back when there was none of this and a typewriter was our enemy. Wow, how times have changed!!

  2. Before buying a new computer, be aware. All the new pcs come with Win8. Not much fun, but you can convert it to Win7 for about $200 or transfer from an old pc. Check it out with you super tech friends Chris should be able to give you some great info.

  3. You will never convince some of these older people that clicking on a link isn’t the end of the world as they know it. They’ve heard it’s the way to your computer being killed….or worse. Guess you’ll just have to tell them that they subscribed to the digital edition and it’s up to them if they click on the link or not. I always tell patrons at the library that I can fix anything they can do to the computers, but I don’t think they entirely believe me because more than one has silently slunk out the door because a computer did something unexpected and they think they “broke” it.

  4. Nick has it occured to you or Greg that you are over thinking the email problem? Since the email issue is with just this one person, that maybe the problem is on their end (sending it out) and not on your end (receiving it)?

  5. Nick,
    I looked through your old FB postings (unsuccessfully) for details on the MAC password problem. Although I’m a retired Windows tech, we also supported some MACs in my old organization. If the issue is with one of the passwords the system remembers for you (like web page login prompts); MACs usually keep all their passwords in a “keychain” file. This file sometimes gets corrupted and must be recreated. Of course once the chain is reset, you have to re-enter your various login credentials to re-build the file. I hope this helps.

    Ron Johnson

  6. Hi Nick; glad you got your Flash problem sorted out…but sounds like the password one is still outstanding. I’ll email you my phone number and you can give me a call if you like on Monday and maybe we can figure out the problem. Looking at Ron Johnson’s comment above; the login password isn’t part of the keychain that he talks about. Normally the keychain password is the same as the login password but they can be changed independently. If you changed the admin password while logged in as another user or with the Install DVD then the keychain password doesn’t get changed. However; this is irrelevant to the inability to get the system to recognize and admin login; that dialog requires the login password and not the keychain password.

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