Goodbye Florida

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Mar 062013

The waste tanks are empty, the fresh water tank is full, and it’s time to go! We arrived in Florida the last day of October, and the last four months have just flown past. We didn’t get to do a lot of things we planned on while we were here, but we’re out of time.

Today we’re headed out, and we plan to be in Dothan, Alabama tonight. We always prefer the two lanes roads when we have the time, and have taken the slower route up U.S. Highway 19 and then U.S. 98 along the Gulf Coast before and like it. But since we had to extend our stay here by a week to wrap up Terry’s dental work, we need to make a quicker trip.

I had originally planned to take Interstate 75 north to Valdosta, Georgia and then pick up U.S. 84 and take it west into Dothan. U.S. 84 is a good road and we’ve traveled it in the past. But Al Hesselbart went that way on his trip back to Elkhart, Indiana last week and said there is a long detour just past Valdosta that took him on a tour of the surrounding countryside. So instead we’ll get on Interstate 10 just north of Lake City, Florida and take it west to Tallahassee, where we’ll pick up U.S. 27 and follow it north into Georgia and get on U.S. 84 at Bainbridge. From there it’s an easy 55 miles into Dothan.

I spent most of yesterday tweaking my new book, then printed it out so Miss Terry can begin proofreading it. I also had a phone call from Dale Roberts, author of The Following and Separate Lives. Dale created the covers for all of my Big Lake books and said he should have the cover of Big Lake Blizzard finished in a couple of days.

Somebody asked me yesterday how I find the time to publish the Gypsy Journal and my three blogs, do all of the traveling we do, and write books too. I’ve been asked this before and I always tell people that you have to set priorities and make some sacrifices. In my case, I gave up diet and exercise.

Speaking of blogs, my latest Bad Nick Blog, titled That Spooky Middle Ground sure has some folks stirred up. At last count it had 54 comments. I love getting people talking, and while not everybody agrees, at least they’re involved and sharing their viewpoints. Whether they’re listening to anybody else’s opinion I’m not sure.

Rod Pezzano stopped by during the afternoon and picked up a couple of bundles of the Gypsy Journal to take with him to drop off at a couple of RV parks where they will be staying in the Florida Keys. It always helps us when our readers do that, since it helps spread the word and gets sample copies of the paper to new people. It was nice visiting with Rod, and we look forward to seeing Rod and his wife Susan again somewhere down the road.

Thought For The Day – Marriage allows you to annoy one special person for the rest of your life.

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  9 Responses to “Goodbye Florida”

  1. Have safe travels to Arizona and beyond. We leave Manatee Hammock on March 17th for Jolly Roger (thanks for this tip) and will enjoy seeing what roads you take. Looking forward to the new book and have enjoyed the Florida one. Now to buy the Arizona one too.

  2. Hi Nick,I know you’re from Arizona,so I thought you would enjoy this…………

  3. Safe travels dear friends,

  4. While your in Dothan you might want to drop some samples of Gypsy Journal at the Peanut Fairgrounds just south of town.

    The GMC owners will have a national rally there in a couple of weeks, About 150 coaches built by GMC 1973-1978. Few full timers in 23′ or 26′ coaches, but enthusiastic travelers.

  5. Just be sure you do not wander too far north. After seeing snow thru the entire northern half of Alabama on my way, I was greeted in Elkhart by 4 inches of new snow upon my arrival yesteday. Yuch! I thought I was done with snow shovels

  6. That drive on 98 is one of the best parts of Florida.

  7. Hehe…gave up diet and exercise…it is true however that when we are busy with projects…when on earth do we have much other time??

  8. Leaving Florida is always a sad thing to do. Exotic and that weather is something of legends…at least in the summer! I remember when I first went, I feel in love and started a life long affair with that state. Now, older, I still go and my family loves going as well! The beach is my second home so playing in the surf is always something I look forward to. I’m planning a trip to Palm Bay and could not be more excited for August. Palm trees, good food and kayaking! So excited. I’m staying at the Palm Bay Hotel ( Cheap and so nice!

  9. Leaving any vacation is a sad state of affairs. Having to go back to the real world and your real world responsibilites is border line heart breaking, but we all must do it! Florida is a great gem though in the states to get away to if you can’t make it California! One year I said “whatever!” Tried out Florida and just fell in love. Especially Palm Bay, right by Orlando but right on the beach, it is the best of both words. I stayed at the Palm Bay Hotel ( and loved it. Cheap as can be and by far in the best area.

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