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Mar 272013

Well, unfortunately, we didn’t get the good news we had hoped for about the nodule in Terry’s dad’s lung, so Monday he has an appointment with a surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale to discuss the treatment options. It looks at this point like they are recommending a wedge surgery to remove the nodule and resection that part of his lung. Obviously we had hoped for better results, but we are remaining optimistic that Pete will come though all of this in good shape. Please keep those prayers coming.

The last couple of days I have been chained to my desk, getting an index to back issues of the Gypsy Journal set up. The typical crappy Verizon service has not made it easy, but late last night I finally got the index online. However, only a couple of the shopping cart buttons to purchase the individual back issues are live so far. Hopefully I’ll have the rest of them up sometime later today, if I can stay online long enough.

Even though you can’t order all of the back issues yet, check the index out and see some of the neat places we’ve been to in our fourteen years of fulltime RVing. Putting the index together sure brought back some nice memories, and there’s still a lot left to see! I never understood why so many people want to travel to other countries when we’ll never live long enough to see everything there is waiting for us here at home.

As soon as I get the rest of the shopping cart buttons for the back issues, I will start working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal. It’s a never-ending circle, and I love every minute of it!

And if I get bored with all of my writing and formatting, I can always take a break and try to organize our basement storage bays, a chore we keep saying we’re going to do but never seem to find the time for. I swear, ever since we made the decision to take a hiatus from holding RV rallies to give us more free time, we seem to be busier than ever! I’ll never retire because my schedule is too crowded already.

I took a break from working on the index to post a new Bad Nick blog yesterday titled Love Is Love, which already had 34 comments by 11 p.m. Check it out and leave a comment of your own.

Thought For The Day – It’s okay if you don’t like my personality. I have several more.

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  1. Our prayers continue for Pete. Hope he makes the right choice on treatment options and is soon on the path to full recovery of health. Thinking of Terry, you and the whole family. ((((HUGS))))

  2. Keeping Pete in my prayers and that the surgery goes well. Sending prayers, love and hugs with this note.

  3. A friend just had this surgery and she’s doing fine. Her biggest concern was cancer in her lymph nodes and those tests were negative. Hopefully, he won’t have to have treatment that weakens his immune system. Wishing him well with his surgery.

  4. Sorry to hear the results of Pete’s scan were not what we all hoped for, our prayers and love continue to come to you Terry’s and Pete, and the rest of the family

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