Where’s My Snorkel?

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Feb 272013

Where is my snorkel? Where are my flippers? We had so much rain come down yesterday that I may need them!

It started raining early in the morning and poured off and on for the greater part of the day. We even had tornado warnings for a couple of hours during the afternoon. Fortunately, nothing developed out of them.

Now things are going to start cooling down again, from a high of 88 degrees on Tuesday afternoon to down into the upper 30s by Saturday night. If you don’t like the weather in Florida during the winter, just wait a few minutes and it’ll change.

I took advantage of the rainy day to get a lot of writing done. By the time I knocked off about 9 p.m. I had written 6,500 words in my current work in progress. It’s getting down to the wire now and things are starting to wrap up. The book has taken me longer than planned because I tore out several thousand words a while back that weren’t fitting into the flow of the story. The good news is that I have a heck of a start on the Big Lake book that will follow this one!

While I was writing, Miss Terry shortened and hemmed three pair of new jeans for me. When you shop in the Dwarf Portly section, most things need a little bit of alteration. I like to think that I’m like a sexy sports car, built low to the ground. Terry says I’m more like a slow moving wide body motorhome with an exhaust that backfires.

Speaking of slow moving, watch this video of some truck drivers and even an RV driver or two who need to learn to slow down. And maybe learning to read signs and notice flashing warning lights might be a good idea, too. Apparently taking the top off your vehicle is considered great sport when driving under this railroad bridge in Durham, North Carolina. Do you know your RV’s height, including rooftop AC units?

I’m not sure what today holds for us. If the rain has moved out of the picture and we can swim out to our Explorer, we may run down to Breezy Oaks Campground in Bushnell to see Al Hesselbart and so Terry can talk about spinning with a lady who is staying there.

Thought For The Day – Sometimes my typing is so bad that auto-correct is like, “Sorry, I’ve got nothing, man.”

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  6 Responses to “Where’s My Snorkel?”

  1. About the video, the main problem is that many of these drivers have already passed their genes on. Their is a bridge similar to this in Lebanon, IN and gets about 1 vehicle a year. I am convinced that at least 50% of the people in this world should not be allowed to even ride in a vehicle, let alone hold the steering wheel and attempt to drive one.

    Be careful on the road.


  2. An appliance delivery truck has to be a local vehicle. So I wonder what he told the boss. As Nick said: “You can’t fix stupid.”

  3. It’s nice and DRY out here next to Death Valley ….Come on back to Pahrump Nick !!

  4. Well all I have to say is that you are on the wrong side of I-4. we had very little rain (even less than the sprinklers put on the lawn) and our lows are supposed to be in the 40’s come this weekend. There is a big difference in 100 miles south, but one that is worth it. So the best place to be is at least 50 south of I-4.

  5. Terry’s description of you gave me a giggle, not only underpasses and truckers are a problem here in Hondo, we have three railroad crossing marked no trucks because of high center over the tracks, in the three years we have been here there have been three incidents of trucks stuck on the tracks and being hit by trains, thank god that no one was killed in these wrecks. With the last one they were able to contact the train driver but it was to late he could not stop in time to avoid the collision, if the driver had not been able to get out he would have been killed since there was nothing left of the cab, not much left of the trailer and contents either.

  6. Nick, we would really like to see you & Miss Terry, but when you start heading towards the west coast leave the rain back east. I know southern California would love some of that rain, but out here in the Desert it is just right without rain.

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