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Feb 172013

If things keep on schedule with Terry’s dental work, we will probably leave Florida the end of the month and begin our westward trip, so I’ve been looking at the map and planning our tentative route.

The most direct route is north on Interstate 75 to Interstate 10 and then follow that all the way to Arizona. It’s one we are very familiar with and have been over more times than we can count. A lot of it is boring, especially the 880 or so miles across Texas. But in the winter it is our best bet to avoid bad weather.

This year we will probably do things a little differently, weather permitting. We plan to take Interstate 10 to Tallahassee, Florida and then go north on U.S. 27 into Georgia, cut across the bottom corner of the Peachtree State and into Alabama, and then northwest to Tuscaloosa for a visit with my son Travis and his new bride, Geli.

From there we will take Interstate 20 west, with a stop in Vicksburg, Mississippi. I’ve always wanted to tour the Civil War battlefield, which is now Vicksburg National Military Park, so we’ll stop there for a day or two.

Then we’ll continue west across Louisiana and into Texas, eventually picking up Interstate 10 in west Texas. I’d prefer two lane roads and have looked at a couple of options, but I have some appointments at the VA hospital in Tucson that may make the faster interstates the best choice. I’ve been doing some research and have found some interesting places to stop and see along the way for stories for the Gypsy Journal. If anybody has any suggestions for things to see and places to stay along the way, please let me know.

In the time we have left here, Terry still has a couple of dental appointments left, and we want to get down to Breezy Oaks RV Park in Bushnell to visit with our friends Al Hesselbart and John Culp. If we have time, we also want to go up to Green Cove Springs to talk to the folks at a mail forwarding service there. We have been considering switching our domicile from South Dakota to Florida, since this is probably where we would settle down if and when we hang up the keys.

As for the next day or two, overnight lows are going to be very cold, down in the low 20s, and daytime temperatures are predicted to be in the mid-50s to mid-60s. So much for getting our kayaks in the water for some paddling. I guess the manatee over at Crystal River will have to wait until our next visit.

It’s time for another Indie author interview in my self-publishing blog and today’s featured author is Carol Caddo, a California author who created the Déjà Vu of Love series. Check out Carol’s interview, she’s an interesting lady.

Thought For The Day – Follow the grain in your own wood. – Howard Thurman

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  1. Be sure to spend some time in the Illinois Memorial at Vicksburg. Fascinating!

  2. Nick, we use a mail service in Crestview, FL (in the panhandle) called My RV Mail (www.myrvmail.com). They provide us with excellent personal service. Just thought I’d throw that out there. You might want to check them out. Cheers!

  3. There is a “restaurant” just north of Vicksburg in the “town” of Onward–about 25 miles north. It cost us about $25 but we will never forget it!!!! This is where Teddy Roosevelt’s story about the bear came from. In the “dining room” to the side are newspaper clippings on the wall. It will be the only place in town on the left side. Look for the gas pumps–you can’t miss it.

  4. Nick, one more thing about a mail service that you may or may not have thought of… Your vehicle insurance is based on where you “live.” I’m not sure where Green Cove Springs is, but My RV Mail is in the panhandle, which is a less expensive insurance area than many other parts of the state. Jim

  5. Nick and Terry, May I suggest Askews Landing Campground just north of Edwards Mississippi if you have never stayed there before. We have camped here several times and just love the place. It is one of those hidden treasures just off of I-20 and not far away from Vicksburg, I think just 17 miles. The history surrounding this old plantation is great. It won’t disappoint. http://www.askewslanding.com Check it out.

  6. Nick
    A few months ago we switched to St. Brendan’s Isle Mail Service. The people there are great. They helped us step by step to setup our Domicile in Florida. Any questions or problems are promptly addressed and fixed.
    The best part is they can scan the outside of your envelopes so you see what mail came in. They then send you an email that ” You got Mail”. You can then have them open it and scan, shred it, or send it to you. All of this is done on the web.
    This is so much easier than constantly making a phone call.
    We have been very satisfied with the service.

  7. As well travelled as you are these might be moot points but here goes: Helen Keller birthplace in Tuscumbia, AL, the Natchez Trace from Vivksburg to Natchez, MS and.lots if Baton Rouge LA. Free campsites at thr Meriweather Lewis Monument on the Trace. Whatever the route, safe journeys and tons of fun!

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