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Feb 082013

I’m happy to report that after receiving calls and e-mails from many of my veteran friends after yesterday’s blog came out, Bob Greene, VFW Quartermaster General, asked me to call him. After we talked, he reversed his decision and we will still be able to publish our VFW camping guide. Thank you all for your overwhelming support. I am proud to call you my friends. If any of you who are VFW members would like a copy of the guide e-mailed to you, please contact me at Editor@gypsyjournal.net with your e-mail address and I’ll send one to you.

Our replacement Dish Network receiver arrived Wednesday and I installed it, running into a couple of glitches that had me on the phone with a very nice customer service rep who patiently talked me through one problem and we got our front TV working fine. But for some reason, the bedroom TV has a very grainy picture. It was nice and sharp before the old receiver died Sunday afternoon and nothing has changed except for replacing the receiver. All cables are connected properly and are tight. After being bumped up to the next level of tech support, it was determined that they needed to send a tech out. He’s supposed to be here between 8 AM and noon today. Since I don’t usually wake up before 10 or 11, I hope he has a passkey to get in, and works quietly.

I got an e-mail yesterday from a couple who are brand new fulltimers and will be leaving upstate New York in a week or so, hopefully after the latest snowstorm has passed. They were asking me for tips on driving in winter weather and my gut reaction was to tell them to be someplace warm and dry before winter gets there. But I know that can’t always happen. Just in time, a Facebook friend posted a link to this blog on winter driving tips for RVers that includes some very good information.

Besides dealing with the VFW issue, most of yesterday afternoon was spent at the dentist’s office in Orlando. It was almost 6:30 PM by the time we got out of there and there was still a lot of traffic driving back to the campground. Hopefully Terry’s dental work is just about finished for this year. I think she’s still got a couple of appointments left, and then we’ll be pointing the nose of our Winnebago west and heading out for some much awaited family time. We are still not sure what route we will be taking. Usually we follow I-10 west all the way to the Phoenix area, but we may take a different path this year. We’re considering a stop or two along the way that would take us on a more northern route, weather allowing.

Bad Nick has been quiet for too long, so he decided to make his presence known with a new Bad Nick Blog titled Rumor Control Reporting In. Check it out and leave a comment.

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  6 Responses to “VFW And Dish Update”

  1. Glad Bob Greene reversed his decision about the VFW camping guide. It takes a big man to admit he is wrong.

  2. Glad Greene reversed his decision. Your guides bring badly needed business to the posts!!!!!!

  3. If you were doing something detrimental to the VFW I could see his point of view. You definitely were not. In fact, you were giving them a hand up. Thank you, Mr. Greene, for revising your opinion. Now I’ll revise mine about you.


  4. Good deal with te VFW. Luckily, you didn’thave to send them the $12.50, that could have broke your budget! LOL

  5. Glad to hear the VFW reversed themselves, to bad they couldn’t have contacted you properly in the first place. No doubt one of your readers complained to them for them to even notice. Glad it worked out in the end.

    I wish something similar was done for the American Legion as I know a lot of Posts have camping at least in the Midwest and membership isn’t usually required. Not free but last one I stayed in was 5.00 with full hookups however that was a few years back.


  6. I hope your Dish problems get resolved. Our hasn’t, yet. The tv in the bedroom quit responding to the remote, so Dish sent us a new remote, nope not it. Dish sent us a new receiver, nope not it. We finally asked for a new antenna that plugs in to the back of the box for the second tv (probably a $2 part), it’s working better but sometimes the tv still doesn’t respond to the remote. Glad your VFW issue got resolved, sometimes people just don’t spend enough time thinking before they act.

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