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For RVers who want to make money as they travel, there are many ways to earn either a full or part time income with a computer. Ever improving technology, wireless internet connectivity, cellular telephones, and expanding social media have made opportunities possible for thousands of RVers and you could be one of them. I’ve listed just some of the computer related methods that people we know are using to earn money as they enjoy the RV lifestyle.

Telecommuting – There are millions of people around the world who have jobs without ever going to an office. If you already use a computer in your job, you may be able to take your job on the road with you. I know two traveling accountants, and one lady who handles the billing for several doctors and dentists she worked for before hitting the road.

Medical Transcription – We met a lady several years ago boondocking in Florida who earned an excellent income doing medical transcription for a professional office in Chicago.

Tax Preparation – You don’t have to be a CPA to prepare simple income tax returns, and there are many excellent computer programs that do most of the work for you. Stick a couple of magnetic signs on your car and you may find your RV park neighbors knocking on your door, paperwork in hand.

Selling Photos Online – If you’ve got an eye for it, digital photography can become an income stream. You can upload your photos to websites like Shutterstock, iStockphoto, and Bigstock, to name just a few, where authors, publications, artists and businesses go in search of just the right images for their projects.

Writing Content – There are many companies that pay well for short articles that reference paid sponsors, to be used in blogs and online publications. Some popular ones are Blogging.org, Constant Content, and Helium.com. Payment per article depends on word length and quality of your writing, but two authors I know tell me they average $25 – $30 per hour.

Blogging – There are millions of blogs online, on every topic from fulltime RVing to making beer, raising twins, and origami. It takes a while to develop a following, but it can pay off handsomely. I earn anywhere from $700 to over $1,000 a month from Google AdSense ads on my blogs. You can also sell display ad space and include affiliate ads in your blogs.

E-Lessons – If you know a subject well, you could make money teaching others about it. One RVing friend of ours teaches several history courses for two different online universities.

Custom Embroidery – At several RV rallies and specialty shows we have visited, we have run across people using computerized embroidery machines to create custom hats, shirts, and jackets with RV and club logos, as well as other artwork.

eBay and Craig’s List – We have a friend who loves yard sales, and has a knack for finding the best deals on small antiques and collectibles. So much so that he had acquired a huge collection of treasures and had run out of places to store them. I agreed to sell them on eBay and split the profits, and in one summer earned several thousand dollars with online auctions. We know several people making big bucks selling products on eBay, Craig’s List, and other online sites.

Writing Custom Software Programs – You don’t have to work in Silicone Valley to make money creating software programs and simple apps for tablets and smart phones. Just ask the folks from Technomadia, the RVers who created the excellent State Lines and Coverage apps.

These are just ten ways your computer can become a cash machine. Check in tomorrow, and I’ll have even more to share with you. In the meantime, check out my interview with romance author Mona Ingram in my self-publishing blog.

Thought For The Day – Only take advice from somebody who is already more successful at whatever you are doing than you are.

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  3 Responses to “Ten Ways To Make Money With Your Computer”

  1. What a pleasant surprise to see our names in shining lights on your blog entry, Nick! Thank you so much for the shout out.

    And you could not be more correct, the ideas for earning an income while on the road are only limited to one’s passion, creativity and tenacity. (I will add however, writing apps is more of a side hobby income for us.. but heck, it pays the campground fees! We won’t complain, besides – our apps solve problems in our own travels.)

  2. Hi Cherie
    Sometimes that’s all people need is a little extra pocket money. Your apps are great resources for RVers.

  3. I make a little spending money each month on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program. It’s a crowd sourcing program and anyone can do it. There are folks making good money with MTurk but it can be frustrating at first to figure out how to separate the good “hits” from the ones that aren’t worth the time. Facebook has a crowd sourcing program, too, but I haven’t tried it.

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